The Indigenous Peoples from The Valley of the ToTems at Strawberry Plains welcome you to this part of the Earth/Web.


Since the coming of the White Man we have went from periodic strife to constant conflict, strife and dehumanization. The invaders were not given this land by the Creator-they greedily took it. They came with different Spirits. The Spirit which inhabited their collective souls, was the mutual intent to steal, lie, cheat, kill, and rule this undiscovered land and it's inhabitants.

So it was this world that we were born into. No longer the Creator's Children (Indios) but victims in an insatiable onslaught of genocide for personal gain of maniacal power, riches, and resources. Even the Church of the invaders wreaked havoc in combination with the mercenaries of the Crowned States. Human Rights were nonexistent, we were in a fight against total extinction.

"That's all in the past, errors of yesterday!" they say, "Let's all work together for a greater tomorrow." An herein is the cause of friction. Our question is how do we make it today? Tomorrow sounds wonderful but some-of-us break under the toil of getting to Tomorrow-leaving some-of-us to live a Mere Existence in our land of plenty. No longer ours to hold as instructed by the Creator. The rulers act as if they have the entirely correct spiritual perspective of the Human Condition in front of them-supposedly giving them an unerring ability to pick and choose which direction all-of-us are to follow. But, in truth, they aren't even politically correct, and much less so spiritually. These powerful politicians and rulers are doing what is best for all-of-us-every day in every way. We can rest assured that this is the prime directive of this culture and it's leaders, both elected and appointed by the elected.

This is a harsh and stark portrait of Human Existence. I honestly wish there was a different historical approach to our lives today. The record is there for all to see.

Out of this atmosphere the modern tribal entity still stands, still holds viable, still struggles like the seedling from the scorched, blackened floor of the burnt forest with the promise of bringing back the manifestation of Life. But we are not trees seeking only to live, for our fallen ancestors have given their existence so we may remember from where we came. We are the Haudenausauee-the Real People.

Out of this Knowledge these men sought to offer and reinstall an essential part of human life: the Spirit of the Creator. This was done with the knowledge that we all are Earth Dwellers by the fact of our birth. All of us are here by the grace of the Creator with certain inalienable rights. What those rights are and how to reclaim those birthrights are the teachings of the Kiva and the Native American Church Trust. The efforts of these Shaman's endeavors are taking place and are offered through the portal of the Valley of the ToTems. You are invited to visit any time for your personal reasons.


NéIshté - Founder and Benefactor

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