Welcome to the Valley of the Totems

A Key to: Emergence


An Invitation

One of the principle reasons that the Church/Kiva formed sacred lands was to allow a natural phenomenon to occur, And the following is the basis for this opportunity to exist.

It is my sincerest regards for the children of mankind that this information and the Quest are made available to you.

Although the apertures are in primitive array, they do function. They remain a Beacon to the Search for Being. Néishté, PeSheWa

On Earth there are many natural power centers. We all are aware of the perceptual change in our personal energy states. Anyone with the ability to focus and center their energy can make use of these 'Centers', these apertures. The 'Centers' are natural and open. They cannot be destroyed. To enjoy and use this 'Center' you must have your abilities and perceptual awareness elevated when you enter the matrix. Especially when you are emersed in one of them. Where the Earth, the Sky, meet in Harmony, the physical and the Spiritual energy of each of us can enter into this area and find the Gifts of Being. The gifts vary from one to another. However, this variance is based on attunement to the Harmonic Convergence taking place. It is important that perceptual awareness be centered and open when you confront the apertures and emerse your 'self' at/in the Matrix. To receive the 'Gifts', you have to personally participate with your energy into synergistic alignment.

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