Statement for understanding

The use of 'sacrament' is contained within the community. Any other use of this would not be a correct use of 'medicine'. While it could be said that the whole world is a community, which is true, it also can be seen that at the spiritual level this is not always true. By being part of community there are conditions of coherent belonging. There must be impeccability or a serious personal aim in that direction toward one's personal community (Kiva). Responsibility to your personal spirit/soul is a sacred relationship. This relationship must be growing and alive in your everyday environment.

And as you know an understanding between the participants of a community is one of trust. This trust is founded upon time spent together and the shared effort of being one with the Creator as much as possible. As you see, the community is one of constant evolvement, adjustment and renewing...

Ancient Spiritual tenets are to heal the body and spirit. Further, to teach impeccability, correct 'seeing', and power of Beingness. Peyote is not used to obtain 'visions' but to open portals to Reality. Always seeking centeredness within this existence. Peyote is the road back to the true Self. This should suffice in order to allow personal compreshension of this Sacrament

There is much more to the 'Church' - 'Kiva' than just the Sacrament but, all things flow from the existential awareness of Being Here. This "Diazine" leads to the second, and a most powerful teaching perception. Which is to maintain the integrity of this Existential Beingness in the environment in which one finds their self manifested (Weltanschauung). There is energy to affectively change, from searching to understanding.

Let me give you an example of a couple of self-realizations that can allow you to become mere harmonically in tune with the Relativity surrounding you. For each of us gravitate to the freedom knowledge brings with it.

Truth is like the Air we breathe; We cannot live without It. Many things present themselves to fragment each one of us away from Truth

Within the 'Church-Kiva' we are ourselves. Feeling and emotion of each other make the relative space harmonic or, off centered (fragmented). Outside the 'Church-Kiva' we have learned that in order to exist in that environment, we have to strategically hide behind our 'Images'.

While this can be said to be universal behavior, the difference is in the "psychological defenses" of our objective self. When a person is ego-centered in the image, the psychological strategies come into play automatically. This movement is Conserve the projected image at all costs! Loss of this Image could be dangerous to the well-being of the person. These complex psychic interactions cause problems-cause problems-cause problems.

These situations, when encountered on the outside, are only IMAGE conflicts and it means that there has to be a Reality check on our INTENT and DIRECTION.

If you heal the Spirit, you heal the body, and to Be yourself is a step in the right direction. Furthermore, there is a discipline and a structure to everything that surrounds us. To vibrate harmoniously with these things is definitely healing. (feels good too)

The learning of 'Human things' and the knowing of relationships opens portals of existence which are the Spiritual Legacy of each one of us. This is the rightful place of man-kind as we step into the future second by second.


Néishté Kiva

American Indian Religous Freedom Act - Peyote Law

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