on the Red Road to Peace

Dr. PeSheWa, Shawnee, is a Priest in the Ne'ishte' Kiva and in the Native American Church. He currently is working on the establishment of Sacred Ground. Nine years ago on a piece of land on Interstate 40 near Knoxville, he set the first Totem. Now there are four totems; the base for the first indigenous memorial (220 feet long); a community center, complete with restaurant; an art gallery; a gift shop; a 55 foot medicine wheel; and a 1000 foot red path.

This is typical of the manifestation of energy with which he deals. An active Shaman for 28 years and an ordained Priest for 21 years, Dr. PeSheWa has been exemplary in the Indian Movement.

Not only are these accomplishments like birthing children but the metaphysical aspects breathe life into individuals. The ability to shift between the dimensionalities of everyday life is contained in a learnable, coherent discipline called Systems Theory. There is order and method in the universe; however, making it applicable to each of our individual lives is another story.

It is in this realm that PeSheWa is uniquely capable to teach us of the multifaceted gifts of being the recipient of life's generosity. Sharing the Native Shaman's Approach to some of these areas consists of:

This and much more about the approach, the prophecies, and the direction of the medicine path.

Plan to be an improtant part of the RED PATH to KNOWLEDGE, BEINGNESS and THE EMERGENCE.

This is a workable, timely and necessary system of Being-in-the-World and this existential awareness is necessary for Human Survival.

Reprinted from an article by Thomas Wilkinson

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