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May God fill my soul, heart, mind, and body with vitality. May making good friends and decisions come easily to me. May my anxiety cease and be replaced with divine self-confidence and love. May God help me to become a better husband, father, son, brother, and friend.

let us not pray like the devil asking for things ... the creator knows what we need to survive ... instead give thanks to the creator

Please pray for me, my beloved Hasan returns to me lovingly. I miss him too much and i want our relationship to get better. I want to see his face again. I am very much affected. I want to see his face again and talk to me happily.

We come from the Navajo & Apache tribe. Please pray for my 15 year old son Ricco who is going to jail in April. Please keep my family in your prayers. Love, Liz

I am of Cherokee descent. Negative energies seem to be troubling me. Please have people pray for me.
- Betty

I need prayer for my son Andrew and my husband James. I need prayer that they will want to give their hearts to the Creator.

Please help me, I dont know what else to do. My time is running out I don't want to be homeless.


Please pray for us that we are able to conceive a baby really soon. We have been trying for awhile and we are older so we really need things to happen. Please pray for a healthy miracle for us!

Thank you, Les and Beth

I am Jaymelee from Ca. I will pray the way I was taught. I pray for myself, that I may see the will of Creator and have the power to carry that out. I pray for my family and the others of the sacred circle, which at this moment is this prayer circle, that they may have what they need to find love and peace in this life. Next, I pray for those in hospitals and institutions, that they may have peace and healing. Now, I pray for the world, that we find our Way. Last, I say a special prayer for all the mothers and fathers out there/in here. They have been heavy on my heart today. I know that it is a difficult path to walk. It is the place we are at our best and worst. I honor all the mothers and fathers at this time. May Creator give them what they need to guide and protect our children. I say that much at this time. Thank You. Aho.

I am writing to request prayer. Something very strange has been happening to my whole body. I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 35 plus years. I also have allergies that are related to the diabetes and asthma . For the last few months I have been in so much pain that I am unable to walk but a few steps before I am overcome by it. I am totally numb with tingles and pain. I have been on medication for allergies and asthma almost as long as diabetes. Now I am having trouble swallowing and fluid keeps coming up into my throat. I have been to the doctor twice for this in addition to my regular visits. I take lots of medications but nothing seems to help. This is all accompanied by excessive staggering and being unable to keep my balance. It is very painful for me just to type this request. I am a Christian person and attend church regularly. Thank you for prayer


My Prayer Is To All Native Americans,
I realize the hard times that all of us are having but I see our Brothers and Sisters in the plains the Lokotas and Dokotas are once again having great problems and I want to send my prayers to them and the apaches in arizona matter fact I would like just to send my prayers to all the tribes and native americans May the Great Sririt Bless you all
Also, I would like everyone to say a prayer for my Brother-in law Ron. He lived in the state of Minnesota but took on a job driving over the road trucks and was killed delivering a garbage truck in north carolina. We know that there was fault in the truck and the breaks were bad and he lost his life after 7 hours of trying to revive him. Please keep him in your prayers and may the Great Sririt guide him. AMEM


please help me pray for my son that has already been incarcerated for almost 9 years in AZ ... I pray for his early release and that he will be allowed to come to Texas as I cannot afford to move to Az to give him a place to live. I also pray for each and everyone of you and your familes.


Please remove from me my loneliness. Please let me know I am never alone. Show me the way to joy and acceptance. Guide and protect me from the smallness of this brief life.

I am requesting for prayers for familly unity. My husband petitioned me and my 3 kids to join and live with him in Texas. Please do pray for me and my three kids that visa will be approved soon as our youngest who is turning 4 yrs old now is growing without the presence of his daddy. May OUR GOOD LORD give the chance to be together in one home and live and raise our kids with love.


Please pray for good for Cecile, a Christian Ojibwa woman, who lives alone. Thank you.

Ya'at'eeh, I was browsing the websites looking for ways I can help my little sister. As a active member of the NAC I am turning to you, fellow members for prayers and support for my family. My younger sister is in the hospital in Tucson Arizona with liver and kidney complications. We have been told by the biligaana doctors that she won't pull through, we continue to believe in prayers that that "miracle" will happen! Since she was transferred down there in late March, we have put up two NAC meetings for safe and healthy return. She continues to stay with us, as she fights to find her way back home. Though she was never a spiritual person, she was willing to take that first step for a NAC meeting, but she went into the hospital one day before the 1st ceremony. I know that with the faith of the Native American Church, she will find the right road home. I ask for everyone to pray for her, she has three children, and they miss her dearly. Though it is midnight, I just got off the phone with my nephew and he poured his heart out that he misses his mother. I can't make promises too him, but with our united prayers and faith help us please bring our sister/and mother home to her kids who need her so. Restore the faith that she never learned as we were growing up. Help her make the decision to OK a liver transplant before more organs become affected. Help the biligaana doctors understand she is not a high risk patient who refuses a major operation/treatment. She is just scared at what could happen too her. Your prayers and words of support will be greatly appreciated. Our maternal clan is bigwater born for bitterwater. Our maternal grandfathers are Red Bottom and Paternal grandfathers clan is Near to the Water.
Jesus, Ft. Defiance, AZ

I pray and will appreciate all those who pray for me, I pray the lord to find a good man, to be able to conceive a child before it is too late, I am already 43 and pray god to be able to give me the most precious gift a child to find my life complete, also pray for all of us, to make earth a peaceful place and that all of us find love in our hearts for all creatures of god, pray for our mother nature in order there is no more catastrophes. I pray, please pray with me.

I am a father whose son is lost. He chooses not to know his family, myself included. He lives with his mother and brothers and is lost to video games. His mother allows him to play whenever he wishes so she doesn't have to spend time with him. She doesn't enforce our divorce decree and allow my visitation with him. He doesn't speak to me when I go to pick him and his younger brother up for my weekend visitation nor does he take my calls. Please pray for him to find the light that is his life before I lose him forever.
Thanks Steve

Please join in my prayers that my family may be as one again. Since our father passed on we are scattered with no direction and we ought to focus on being there for one another instead of ignoring each other. I miss the family get togethers for birthdays and holidays ,I want to know my nephews and neices and their children. Creator please bring us together in a good way.

My husband is facing a court trial based on false accusations. Please, please pray that he is found innocent, so he may stay with his wife (me) and our four children.

please pray that i can summon my little spirit to dance again, so that i can become one with my path. i have been weak and made foolish mistakes and now have lost heart. my soul feels still and faraway. although i can hear it speaking, i have no energy to move. everything feels lost and dark. please ask the big spirit to return the great eagle and the owl that came before. or give me a clear sign. the path is all i have, but i am so confused. i do not have the strength and courage to move forward alone. thank you.
white crane dancing in the shadows

please pray for me to help me recover from my eating disorder, give me the strength and courage to rebuild my life and move forward with divine love. i pray only that my energy be used to become a light to shine, that my body become a vessel through which love can flow outward. that i can live simply with delight and fulfillment, that i can become an enabler of healing for others. please help me to find the spirit to transform the darkness of my addiction and isolation into the power of love; into a humble and compassionate empathy; into a joyful relationship with all that is.please pray that the veil of distortion be lifted from my mind, that i may see clearly and embrace the beautiful gift of life to treat every aspect of being as sacred and precious. please pray that the cloud of fear and shame and self disgust be lifted from my heart, that i may honour my soul truth, that i may come closer to beings of light and divine love in every moment.
thank you,
(england, uk)

My request is just to say thank you to the great spirit, to the universe for everything. For me being alive. Having a chance on this earth to try to advance my soul by trial and error. Thank you for all the wonderful delightful things and people in my life and also for all the contrast. I know without the contrast, I would not appreciate what I have been given and shown.


Hi, my name is Hartley and I would like to do a prayer to all of you in need of prayers! I pray that the good lord, our mother earth, the holy spirit, and our holy 4 directions bless all of you who are going through hard times! I pray that the light be shown to you in many ways for your spirit to rise and bring back the natural color to your skin! I pray the smile be brought back to your face and the tears of joy be broken upon your face! I pray for those who have fallen off their path and into the shadows to be brought back to the right path and into life! I pray that the purity of life, water run through your bodies and bless you down! I pray for those suffering through medical problems be healed and becoming healthy again! I pray for all of our men and women who are in uniform fighting for our freedom and the country we live in return home to their families safely as they left! And last but not least, bless my family and my friends! Amen

Could you please cover me in prayer. I have been sick for about 5 weeks, and cant seem to get no relief ... I have been fighting bronchitis, allergies, etc...We don't have insurance, or the extra money needed to go to the doctor. Please pray the Creator will heal my body ... Thank you. God bless you!


Please pray for my nephew. He is in jail and is waiting to go before the judge. please pray for him and let him come home. thank you for your prayers and God bless.

aho gran espirtitu - please help the population in europa to understand that the way which we are going now is the wrong one. please help us to let confusion behind us and listen again to pacha mama and listen again to the sacred fire! we have so much to relearn - please open us the minds!!


I pray that both of my daughters can be the mother that the Creator would have them to be for their children. I pray for their strength.


Please pray for my son Isaac. His father is incarcerated and he is acting out with hurtful and unkind words
as well as actions with his mom and sister.


I'm Sheela I am 40 years old. I would like god to heal my womb for I have been praying real real hard to conceive and im trusting the Creator for this precious miracle. It is my heart's desire to conceive soon as im getting older n my husband is aged 53. im praying god to bless me with a pair of twin healthy baby boys that will bring great joy n laughter to my empty home. Pls pray as im not on any medication and im trusting for a miracle


I need a miracle soon. I am being evicted from my place unfairly. i need a place to stay soon and also a financial miracle for my debts and needs.

Seeba, India

I have to go to court in february please pray everything turns out ok!

I pray that I can hold up the strength that it takes to help my partner find peace that sets him free. Free to become the wonderful human that is inside of him. Right now he will deny everything that sounds like a
criticism. Because his confidence has been shaken by what he calls failure. I know his failures are not failures but are his way of learning. Lessons that he has chosen to learn.


My name is Tamara. I'd like to pray for our people. It is time that we take our place of greatness and pride back. Can we pray for those that are trapped by addiction.

I will pray for my children Markus, Veronika and Oskar, that they will have a good life and their dreams will come true one day. I will also pray for all people who are lost and confused in their life ... to the last will I pray for my self to find a job I enjoy and can learn something of ... care to you all.

Please pray for my husband and I as we have been trying to have a baby for almost a year. We already have a 4 year old daughter, but we would like to expand our family. I am on a fertility treatment, and I have been praying so hard for another baby, so I am hoping with some more prayers, miracles can happen.

Creator please heal my body and soul and help me find love. Without health and love my life is so hard

My name is Mary. I am asking prayer for my husband that God heal his body completely. I am asking prayer for my three children & grandchildren. For it to be manifested in my son's life that he has been healed from alcohol & drugs.

please pray for my son Joseph for release from jail for a ticket he got when he was 20 years old and failed to take care of. please pray for us, Penny an Jim, as we're in financial stress. my husband needs medical attention. please pray for my recovery of a broken femur bone. please pray for my friend anaka's daughter's needs. thank you

please pray for me. my name is Sha and i'm asking god to send the spirit to guide and teach me. please pray for my son Duane, and my son Serene.
thank you peace and blessings to all

Vernon Bellecourt, longtime leader of AIM passes over

We acknowledge the passing of Vernon Bellecourt, a longtime leader of the American Indian Movement. He was 75. Bellecourt died Saturday at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Vernon Bellecourt — whose Objibwe name WaBun-Inini means Man of Dawn — was a member of Minnesota's White Earth band and was an international spokesman for the AIM Grand Governing Council based in Minneapolis.

Clyde Bellecourt said his brother had been in Venezuela about four weeks ago to meet with President Hugo Chavez to discuss Chavez' program for providing heating assistance to American Indian tribes. He fell ill around the time of his return, Clyde Bellecourt said.

Please pray for my family we have been thru much. I have 2 of my 13 in the navy now. Pray for their safe return home. I as well ask for special prayer for myself and Spirit knows the things I need. May each walk in honor an peace an thank you for you prayers.

Please pray for Crystal and Curt. Pray that no harm will come to either of them.

im wendall and i was raised in the church. i am from fort mcdermitt reservation and i need prayers. every little thing that my girlfriend does gets me mad and i am usually a very gentle person. pray for me to find my center.

Please pray for me to help me find my way on my path and help me find inner peace so that I can use that to cultivate compassion and loving kindness to myself and all around me. Love is the answer.

I send love and prayers for all who may need these and I ask for prayers that I may find and stay in my center and allow the Creator's energy to work in and through me so that I may assist others that come across my path. I ask that I clearly hear the words of the Creator and that I am strong enough mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to carry out his will. I pray for healing of the Mother and all her people.
Thank you.

Please pray the Creator heals my grandson Zachary, age 7, and is currently approximately 28 pounds. Pray for wisdom for the Dr's. He has severe allergies to wheat and dairy, and is taking growth hormone shots. He
has not been growing and is tiny. He may have a rare disorder, but they don't know what the problem is. Heal Alyssa of ADHD/ODD. Guide Lisa. Enlighten my loved ones.


Hi, My prayer request if first for my twin brother and his wife Reena. Reena is suffering from ovarian cyst and their are 2 small tumors in her body which need to be removed. Otherwise it can be dangerous for her health. Please pray for her healing and the operation which will be performed. Second, please pray for my work,
Thirdly Please pray for my elder brother Sanil , he is in canada and his marriage is suppose to take place soon, which is pending because of visa problem, pleas pray for him too. Finally, for my parents, who are in USA for their Good health and so that God should help them in all the ways of their lives as they are alone there.
Please help us with our prayer we would be grateful. Thanks

I pray for my son to get off drugs and alcohol.

Me and my man are trying to buy a home for the first time but we need help. We love each other a lot and want to be on our own, and if we cannot find a house to buy then we are satisfied with renting a small home. He's from arizona i am from el paso. We love each other and want to be together now, please help us i am disabled and just want to be happy again.
love ya all, Nena


My uncle has been hurt very bad, pray for him!

please pray for me,to cure me of my mental and physical pain, and to lead me to my true soul mate, a kind, honest and loving man, who will make me his wife, and a good life for us. and please to heal my mother's back pain and let her medical procedure be normal.

I am missing Doc, NEISHTE, and the Circle I was so much a part of at one time. I ask the CREATOR to show me a way to reconnect. I have never in these past years neglected my daily prayers or the path which they have shown me. Please remember me. ayapea

Please pray that my unborn baby boy Leonidas, continues to get healthy. Please pray that the fluid in his brain is gone and that his heart is whole and healthy Amen. Nicole, az

Please pray for my uncle. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given two weeks to live. We have faith that God can heal him. Please support us in prayer. Pray for Iacob. Thank-you God bless. Ionela

My husband and I went through a rough spell, and I was not kind to him for two months. I am sorry. He was so angry and hurt he turned to drugs, and away from me. Please pray he forgives me. Please pray we can work through this and fix this problem. I want us to be ok, and to help him. I am so sorry. Please do not forget us. Cora.

Please pray for my 3yr old labrador, Porsha, who is suffering from a fatal virus called distemper. She has been very ill for almost 3 weeks already. She can't move her body and neither eat nor drink by herself. Please pray for her complete recovery. I believe that through medication and prayers, Porsha will soon recover. Thank you very much. God Bless. -Joy

Please pray for the continued healing of my unborn son Leo, that his body be healed and nourished by The Great Spirit and he be whole and healthy. Amen Nicole

I pray to the GREAT Spirit to lead my family to me. I have been without family for some time. My people are Lakota. I pray for a GREAT. I pray for the power of advocacy for the rights of my native peoples and for the little lambs to learn the sacred ways of Mother Earth. I would like to uphold EB, my elder cyber unchi and Chicky, my teacher. I pray for their patience and guidance and also pray for others like them to be a part of my life's circle. I pray for all of those less fortunate than I and may we be ever mindful of Yahweh's gifts, those seen and unseen. Thank You Lord for your visions. May you forever bless me with Jesus name, AHO

deer moon

Please pray for Emannuelle Trujillo; He is in advanced stage of cancer, on oxygen, and sinking slowly. He is the man who fought the govt. of Colorado and the U.S. for the right of Native Americans to use the Holy sacrament (peyote) in it's services. He is a lifelong champion of all that is good and right in America. Please send him a note of thanks for his commitment to the Right of all (not just Native Americans) to Use the sacrament .. contact him through the Peyote Way Church web site. He is truly a great American. I love him with all my heart and you should to. Thanks; Frank

Please pray for all our people, where ever they are, that they remember that no one is alone. We are one. There have been many hard times, but we must remember who we are. Pray that all can put bread on the table, keep our children warm and raise them with respect. Pray that each of us is enabled to help the rest.

My name is Ellen, I have many small problems that I seek guidance for from the Creator, Grandfather, Our Great Mystery. I have a secret substance abuse problem and it's gotten now to where I have been in detox for some two weeks. I used to be very involved in NAC and Sweat Lodge and asking guidance on a regular basis. I am not even sure what prayer I am asking but I have many friends in the NAC circle that know me and even they believe that all is well. I need prayer for honesty. I have three daughters and two that their father will not let me participate in their lives. I also have a 12 yr old daughter I would love to be living life with. The pain I carry around her siblings is heavy and sadness is not the word . Outwardly I seem happy in the Pow wow community. Again I just need prayer. I want to be strong and see my daughters. I'm very sad when I have too much to be grateful for. thank you for your prays as mine are also with you.

help me to understand the old ways. help me to understand my walk in this life. i have a longing to help but i don't know how or were to start. I want to help people with there problems. but i can be very self-centerd.

Hello, I would like to ask for a prayer for my husband Michael, after enduring one of the worst years of his life his spirit is broken and hopeless. Although he has the most gentle soul and a beautiful, intelligent mind his run of bad luck seems to be endless. Please pray that his path with lead him to a hopeful future and his bad luck will be broken. Thank You

Please cover my family in prayer we just found out yesterday that we have 90 days (June 1) to move our double wide, because there isn't enough water for each mobile home that is set up(None of us seen this coming). We dont have the money

I want to pray for Lorenzo and for his family. Please pray for him so that he will have the strength to keep being a hero for his people. And that he will be able to carry his responsibilities with a good mind. Pray for me too that I learn obedience to the Creator, and respect and how to listen, also to let go of fear and to be one with the good people and to have a good mind. Aho thank you for your site.

Please Pray for my Mom Newell who has liver cancer and is very ill.

Please, pray for my brother and his family, he has cancer and a child six years old, Please pray for healing.

A Prayer for the Peyotero Mauro Morales and his family. The man who legally provides sacred medicine to many natives is ill and needs our spiritual support that he may find light to heal his disease! and to All those sick family and friends that need our love let us hold them in our thoughts now!


Hô! les gens qui sont spirituels de Lakota.. J'assiste toujours les meetings " Native American Church!" avec ma communautée.. c'est vraiment fort, dma part...

My 2 sons are incarcerated - one in Louisiana & one in Texas, I pray for their safety, and well being. any prayer to help them through this devastating time. i am sick with worry for them both, it pains me as a mother. i pray for them to learn their lesson and to have open hearts, mind and spirit

If you could, i would like a prayer for strength and gaining wisdom as i and my family step forward in our everyday life. I want to go back to school and finish what i started a year ago. Make a better living for myself and my younger siblings. Thank You very much. . Aaron

Hello i would like a strong prayer for a very good friend of mine, Makis, who has just found out that he has a brain tumor...Please if it is possible a strong prayer for him... Thank You..

Dear Friends, Thank you for this opportunity - I think it is wonderful that you do this for those in need! May the Creator bless all of you and the good work that you do! Some years ago, a Light came into my life, and though she is no longer a part of my life, she brought me great joy, great teaching, and great tests. And along with all these things, she brought deep Love - in abundance. I do not know what has become of her, or how she is doing, but if I may, I ask that she be remembered here - with prayers of gratitude, and prayers for peace, joy, and happiness. And a very special prayer that I may one day see her again. Her name is Jennifer and my name is Dominick. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Dominick

For my son who needs protection and strength at this time. Mom in Illinois

I would like to pray for all the soldiers out there putting their lives on the line for their country. I pray the holy medicines watch over them in their time of need. I pray for the families that have to live with worry for their loved ones in war. I pray the lord carry them when they can no longer able to carry themselves. All my love Songbird woman...

Please pray that my true love, NAC & I are reunited and brought together again. After a terrible misunderstanding we have parted ways. We have been together for 5 1/2 years and I need NAC back with me. There is hope in prayer.

Please pray for all the four legged beings of this earth...also a prayer for myself that I stay on my path of enlightenment ... Kindly and humbly, Patricia

Please pray for my sister in law Mary she has cancer of the colon and the doctor said that she would have to wear the bag for the rest of her life. We seek healing.

please pray for my fiancee ronald to be released from jail. please pray for him to never go back to jail again once was enough. please pray for him to be back in the presence of his family.

I have been without work now for several months and the stress has built to a very high level. I have the ability to make money, but doors have been closing. I want to work and pay my bills and keep my energy high, so I can help others. Thank you. Rebecca AZ

Please pray for me and my family. The doctors found a tumor on my son's right ear. He just recently got married to a blessed young lady. And please pray for me and my husband to get better jobs. I know God hears all my prayers. Thank you so very much. Millie

To my nephew who is stationed in japan with the military, ryan, I came upon this website this evening , and saw what you have written. It brought tears to see your name and my brother's and my dad's (in clan relations) name. You may not quite know me but your dad ran some prayer meeting for my daughter out in steamboat, Az. She was on life support in Albuq. God blessed her, and gave her back to us, many thanks to you and your family, may god bless you wherever your footsteps lay upon mother earth, may he be with you always, I pray every meeting for you, to be safe and return soon, your dad and grandpa kee misses you so much. With lots of love d. Begay and family. We love you.

There are so many things that are going wrong in my life right now .... its just hard to ask any one for help and to get a prayer ... I need a prayer for me not to be lost and find the holy people - Abeyta

I have lived alone a long time and just found out that I am being laid off from my job. Please pray for brightness in the new day that I might find someone to share life with and new employment. - Dixie

I would most humbly ask for prayers that my wife may be allowed to come to the United States. We have waited four years to be together. My wife recently lost our child she was carrying due to this stressful situition. I thank you all from my heart for your Love and Kindness, sincerely, Robert of Nevada.

please i need a prayer for strenth and knowledge find my own way - Emeral

We have Christmas celebration to inner-city people. It is 12.18.2006. We ask that you pray that all go well. - Eero

I am asking for mercy and help for my confusion in my mind, and increasing inability to focus on the things I should be doing. I pray for a steady mind, purposeful action and clarity to do the right thing. Please help me with financial dificulties. Thank you so much. Rebecca - AZ

I writing asking for some help my neice and nepfew were taken from my sister by the state child protection services and I'm trying to get the both of them It's a hard battle and it is taken a toll on me and family and I just
need someone to pray for my family and me. Thank- you

I ask for a prayer that transcends rational thought, I ask for a prayer that is positioned on the souls of all life, a prayer ready to serve when called upon, I pray that people will realize this prayer in themselves and in all around, in and throughout, I pray for a steady mind, purposeful action, and strength that permeates from all life, I pray for all to awaken in a world we create everyday, I pray for my Mother's friend who is very ill, I pray for the world's ill, I pray that the world might see its own strength in order to realize its ill to be of its own creation, I pray for all that they may attain the Ultimate Clarity and the clearest vision, I pray

Cody, AZ

I am not sure I fully understand what I am doing here but I am just wanting others to help me in praying for my wife, Carrie. She is 27 years old and has breast cancer. She has undergone 3 lumpectomies , radiation and is 2 weeks clear in her breast. However, they have now found it in her lymph nodes 2 weeks ago and she is now on her 2nd kind of chemotherapy to stop this from spreading any farther. She has 2 small children Tyler 6 and Lauren 7 . We are praying everyday and hoping this chemotherapy works and we do not have to travel to Tulsa to get her lymph nodes removed. Our doctor says she is the 2nd youngest woman he has seen in his career with this type of cancer. Basically all I am asking for is if someone else out there can pray for my wife to survive this and beat this, so we can have a long life together and watch the kids grow up and have kids of their own....

My life has completly changed since the birth of my son. God blessed me with him! I need your prayers. I want my son and my wife to feel secure. I love them so much! God bless you and all of your friends family members.

Antepasados con permiso, yo pido...for special prayers for my abuelita de 90 anos that she will feel love in these last years, special prayers for my beloved Laurita so that she can realize financial abundance and let go of the affirmation of poverty, that she gain adoption of Tristen. Special prayers for me so that I can be with my beloved soon and forever,... Special prayers for all the people..suffering, at war and specially those who are doing your work and being of service here,,,,ltotzl kamati..Ometeotl..

Please pray for me as I have been battling kidney problems for the last month and now, after taking a CT scan to check for any remaining kidney stones, the doctors have seen a nodule on my lung. I will need to have further tests done next week.
Karen IN USA

My prayer request is that I will be able to join The Native American Church and not just be a partaker in The Way but also a giver (one who will have something to give the church spiritually as well as financially).

Hau kola, I offer my prayer with the Hope that those who come and ask are given their needs.

Pray for healing of my daughter Sable from seizure, and my mother Hiwet is near-death. pray for this
TA London UK

Please pray for Loura Rae she has a problem that she does not want to see her mother bro. and baby sister. she is 14 years old, and lives with father.

Please pray for my dear friend that is going through a marriage breakdown! Please do not forget to pray for her beloved children, especially "Joey" who jus awaled from a treatment centre. She is only 14 yrs. old and no one seems to know where she is right now. I ask for many prayers for this family right because i feel that i can't do it on my own. Hai Hai1
Marilyn   Canada

I ask for healing of my mind, body and spirit, for wisdom and knowledge.
Sonja GA USA

My name is Daisy and I live in New Jersey. I need prayer for my husband stop drinking and I need prayer for money so I can pay my bills and buy food. I'm tired going to bed hungry. I need prayer for healing I need healing from cerebral palsy and plus I have a tumor in my left side kidney and I have more health problem. I need healing so I can walk, I tired being in a wheelchair. I can't walk. thank you
Daisy NJ USA

for my elderly mother, frances, who suffered a stroke, and is now paralyzed on her right side. she is now in a nursing home for rehab. i ask you to please pray for her full recovery so that she can return home to me. i love her and miss her so much. thank you for your prayers.
Kathleen Mi USA

Please pray for me as I am going into surgery Monday and I'm not in very good health, but surgery is needed regardless. May the great spirits be with you all. Thank you!
"Dakota" Wa USA

Please pray for my father, Brian. He has gone through a great deal of emotional and physical pain recently. God, please give him strength, love and help him to be at peace with himself and love himself as you do. Help him to beat addiction find a wonderful companion in love and life.
Jenn   Canada

i facing lot of problems Financial, Job, Physical ,& resposibility of Family. I cant survive too much time. if any miracle happen in my life i can survive. the situtuion is unbearable some time feel sucide plz pray for me it is request Plz pray to God Give One chance. Give new life courage, hope & love .
devdas Kar India

Please say a prayer for my nephew who is not feeling so well. He has been having panic attacks. For his mom who is afraid for him. Thank you

Please pray for me so that the French refugee agency will give me a positive decision and papers concerning my case very soon. It is catastrophy in this place and I have been waiting for a long time now.Thanks
Paul   France

Urgent Please pray for Gene he is having a hard time breathing he has very bad lung trouble with no cure. He needs a miracle. Also pray for me that the bronchitis would be healed
Audrey   USA

I would like a beautiful blessing prayer to me for all the hardship I've been through and have accomplished for this past year. Hard times we all have, but one I have been going through. I've accomplished a lot through these hard times and would like the strength to be a stronger person. To do it for my 3 kids (my daughter and 2 sons) I love them dearly and have been a single parent for a year and a half. Say a prayer to let me finish college and continue on with my law school and always manage to keep food and things for my kids. Bless me in many good ways. I thank the creator shi'ma na'za.. Going to NAC does really help and let everyone be blessed and continue to keep this tradition alive.. Thank you.
Cynthia New Mexico USA

My payer is for everyone who's in need. For the suffering and joy in life. May everything go hand in hand on the path of life. My prayer is to keep open my ears, so i can see how to do well. with respect!
Alex   Netherlands

Today of all days my heart is overwhelmed. When I look into my children's faces I know the blessings you have gave me. If only they knew the struggle the mom is facing everyday. I received an eviction notice, my oldest daughter is in college. I received a letter she can't get no grant for next semester, I work so much I barely see my children and my health is declining. I try to stay strong but tears our constantly coming. I feel like I'm all alone. Please send me an angel to comfort me because today I feel like giving up.
Tomeka PA USA

Please pray for my friend Kendall to retain custody of his six year old son when he returns to court in late July. He is both mother and father to his son; but they are also best friends. His son is his world. Please pray with me that his son can continue to stay in a happy, healthy and positive home. Thank You for your prayers.
Basham KY USA

I ask you to pray with me to the great spirit. I have suffered the loss of two brothers and my father to name a few. I have lost the love for my husband. Though I have been blessed with the love and companionship of my young son, I am very lonely and uncomfortable in my life. I feel that I have gotten too caught up in a wrong mind set. I have decided to shed this skin and grow. I pray for guidance and strength on my path.
Debra CO USA

i need prayers for my son he is only 18 years old and addicted to drugs and alcohol; he is jail at this time for assault
dway az usa

please pray that my friend laura will have better health
barbara ga usa

Please pray for my son, Andrew. He has been very ill first with his back and now he has a deep vein thrombosis.
Angela OH USA

My mom, Shirley has osteoarthritis and the doctors have given her pain medicine and more or less given up on anything they can do for her. Please pray for her.

Please pray for me and my 4 children. I'm a single mother. I work 12 hrs a day to try and keep their bills paid. I would love to own my own business one day. Times are very hard with the bills we stay in a home with no assistance from the state (which is owned by my uncle and his wife) and trying to keep the proper lights, gas water, food and clothing for me and my children. Please just pray for me to help catch up the the bills and rent.
vette   USA

Please pray for the people of the 6 Nations in Canada. The government is trying to remove them from their land. Thank you for your prayers.

Requesting a special prayer of healing for my sick dad. Suffering from parkinson's and general body weakness. Handicapped in movement.
Subhash Labasa FIJI ISLANDS

Please pray for my dad Gilbert who was diagnosed with cancer a year ago (May 2005) he is still here today, but is still very sick, Also for my Mother Darlene who is having a hard time coping with everything and who is sick herself, please include my Aunts Arlene and Pauline who are fighting diabetes Thank you
Luwanna MT USA

Hello people my name is Ervin. Please pray for me and my family. I know as I was growing up and stuff been through a lot of Hardships I know all went through trial & tribulation and stuff. But I ask that everything will be fine and even better for me and stuff. Please I know my prayers are always there when I need a prayer. But it seems to me that its not being answer and stuff But maybe down the road it will but Hey thanks for whoever reads this prayer request and I still want to go back to college and pursue my education and stuff but also get a car and stuff also living a good life....That's all I want and with a good health and happiness I just want everything to be ease ans stuff no worries just keeping it in general and stuff just keeping it real with my family livin' ....with one another getting along with one another and stuff regardless Of who has less or more money and less knowledge and more knowledge and stuff that's pretty much it also the next generation in our family Thanks for the prayers respectfully Ervin.....
Ervin Meza USA

Please pray for our marriage and family that we may survive for all the trials.
Emelda   USA

Recently my son turned 18 and lost his way and got in deep trouble with the law & is now has a chance to turn his life around. Please pray for him to find his way onto the Red Road. He is thinking of moving up here, going to college, better his self & circumstances. I want what is best for him always & wish he would let the Creator put some of his emotional load in his canoe for awhile...this is a very tough yeah, prayers for my oldest son & for my youngest who is too curious about alcohol already(13) is a curse, what is the cure? da ha dwubs. Also...I am praying for all those who shared requests on this list, whether it is to make our govt. accountable, or pray for light to fill someone's darkness...peace out, R
Robin WA USA

I ask for sight to be restored to the people of our planet Earth. I ask for our hearts to explode with new revelations and the world to blossom with radiant colors.

I've been by myself w/ kids for a month and ready to have a baby in 3 weeks and i just want everything to be okay for us. thank you
monique ut  

I'm begging for your help to please include me in your prayers that i'll be receiving my renewed work permit in time or else i'll be termitted from my work. I need to work because a lot of people waiting for my help, too esp financially since i'm sending my nephew & niece to school. Thank you.
Beverely CA USA

hi, my name is melissa, i am a mother of a very wonderful , beautiful little girl named Miranda who suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident , its a miracle she is here. she was comtose for 6 months without any brain activity. now Miranda understands everything but can do nothing on her own. Miranda just wants to get better. please pray for healing , please pray for a for Miranda
Melissa KY USA

Please pray for my wife, Patricia. She is suffering from advanced cancer.
Benjamin GA USA

For my baby brother, I pray that he comes home soon from overseas. I pray that he will be safe and that our Creator always watches over him and to bring him home safe to his family. I miss you and love you little brother! And, lastly for myself, I am a single mother of two boys and sometimes life gets hard but my boys keep me going strong. But lately my soul is being broken down but I know in my heart I will be alright. I ask for prayers that I keep going strong with my life and that I will get a better job to support my boys. I am not a selfish person and I only want what is best for myself and my two boys. Sometimes life seems to get the best of us but I always remember to pray and that our Creator hears them.
Native G AZ USA

Please pray for recovery to health of Ruthie O'B who just had two episodes of her heart stopping. She is on a respirator and taken to ICU for further help in treating and curing a huge infection and cancer.
Larry NE USA

please i have a problem of suger in my blood is very bad and i cant do anythimg so please help me in prayers
tony acura  

keep me in your prayers
Jesse SD USA

Please pray for Rayman to get a great job and for his right hand to heal. Thank you, God bless you.
Rayman   USA

Please pray that there will be no more nuclear testing on Western Shoshone Land or anywhere. Please pray that the United Nations decision be upheld.
Kelly   USA

My name is Kevin. I am very ill. I am part Cherokee-Creek and Choctaw. I am very spirritual but my physical problems are overwhelming me and I have been reduced to spending the past 3 years in my bed-couch from pain. Please pray for me - I am weak and and lost as of late (both physically-spiritually) and trying to find my way "home." My spirit cries for my "people " and I do not know how to find them ..Thank you blessings
Walking Eagle AL USA

I am asking for prayers for the youngsters who live on the EastSide rez. They are caught up in the city and I pray we can bring the knowledge of our people into their hearts and the ceremonies that they long for! I have 2 nephews and a son I adopted in the juvenile corrections going to court - I pray they can have a second chance and that the we can bring the traditions back to the community. They have good hearts and my son needs your prayers in his upcoming court date. Please look into his heart, he understand the sweat lodge and was going to his first church meeting but got caught up in the fast life. With strength and pray they will only get better and proud!
Aluenonmi WA USA

tahnsi, I am requesting prayers for myself. I am a lifetime NAC member and most recently grew weak and started to lead me and my children to life of misery because of my addictions. I really need help and hopefully can overcome these obstacles. Please pray for me to come to my senses soon.. My worst addiction is alcohol. It seems to be getting worse. I haven't even been going to any peyote meetings lately. And this is getting to my children and other family members. I really need your prayers. Thank you to all of my relations. AHO.
Coretta Montana USA

hi, ive been in a very confused state these past days and the darkness is too tiring to deal with. Everywhere on my rez kids my age kill themselves. i want to be a warrior but im too tired
Bobby AZ USA

I am struggling so bad personally and finanically right now. I am a single mom of two little girls and I am trying to file bankruptcy. Please pray for us.
Jessica CO USA

I am requesting prayer for my nephew Aaron. He is currently at the MDCancer Center in TX for cancer, along with my sister who is accompanying him for care. Please help me pray for him to have a speeding recovering as they need financial support being away from home since November of last year, 2005. Thank you and God Bless.
Janice AZ USA

pray for the peace in the middle-east. pray for our troops and our allies. pray for the Nishnabe people in lake michgan area. (the Nishnabe are my great-great-great grandmother's tribe). pray for my peace of mind and pray that i can get a job soon. and i thank the creator that my father's mother went to the good spirit world after suffering from terminal cancer and pneumonia!!!
Wolfeyes WA USA

Please keep my Dad in your prayers for healing. He found out today he has cancer of the liver and will soon get more tests back to tell us what stage it is in. Please pray for my family to stay strong and help him fight this, My dads name is Garry
Trisha OK USA

My brother Randolph is seriously ill. He has cancer and the doctors can't do anything for him. They think he will only live for a few days. Pray also for my mother who is very worried and sad about Randolph. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.

I come to you in need of prayer for my family and I. I was layed off last year and due to the lack of employment around us I have been unable to properly take care of my wife and 4 children. May god here each and everyone of you and answer every prayer. God bless
William GA USA

Dear Friends, please pray for me, I have a problem with badly receeding gums inside my mouth
the gum and the gum bone have receeded so badly on the upper and the lower palate - that it is very
difficult for me to keep dentures in. I worry about the future, I could not manage to eat a thing without having a set of dentures.
Alex   UK

Hi, my husband is a sales manager. He does a lot of work for the boss and never asks for a day off. Sometimes he works 6 days a week, 11 hours a day. The boss hired another person to do what husband was doing and my husband worries about his job. Please pray for us as he doesn't sleep at night sometimes.
Loretta NM USA

please pray for my mother, she lives in new orleans and has a very bad heart and may not be with us much longer. please give me the strength to deal with what comes.
julia mo usa

I pray that inner-peace and tranquility be blessed upon you all and that your prayers may be answered. I feel that at this point in my life I am experiencing a hightened realization and enlightenment that will lead me to spiritual fullfilment. I ask brothers and sisters that you pray that I stay on the right path. Blessings.
Antonio PA USA

Please pray for my MOM. She has been in the hosptial for 2months now and they are saying that there is nothing that they can do for her. I thank you for your prayers. GOD BLESS!!
Dorothy NJ USA

I'm in need of a prayer - i 'm 26 years old, i have two kids and i'm staying with my parents
lashonda nj usa

Family situation, for blessing
Sladan, Suzana and Zeljko   Bosnia

I'm not working and have no income not much food and need to be completely healed. I've been on un-paid medical leave from march 31st till now.
Deborah MI USA

Please pray for my best friend who has been plagued by meth for three years now. Please let him be able to finally rid himself of the addiction and to go back to school.

Please pray for me and my 8-year-old daughter and the struggles of being a single parent and teaching my child the sacred path.
Olowan_wakiya CO USA

dear family, i am seeking prayers for the ability to find my true spiritual path. thank you!

Hello, I just wanted to say I need my Creator to keep on guiding me through this life, just help me to keep my faith in the NAC. Thank you. - Tash

Pray for my son Thomason, that he'll come back to me from prison. He's still a young man, was really active in NAC and the rodeo as a bull rider on Dine Rez.
Thomas AZ USA

I've been having a lot of health problems in the past few years and am asking for healing. I've used up all my sick time and I have no other means of support.
Deborah MI USA

Please pray for my father. He has suffered from depression most of his life, but lately he seems very depressed & his health is not good.
Kelly CA USA

please pray for a positive change and an end to this depression. thank you.
Janice KY USA

I had breast surgery on 3-15-06. the biopsy has not come back yet, to see if it neg.. or positive. thank you. i am also interested in finding out about the church. i am coast salish from b.c.
Cathy NY USA

Please pray that I will find the answers I'm searching for. Also, please pray for my family, they have been so strong through a very tough time recently with my health.
Rachel IN USA

My fiancee ( his name is Justice) had a heart attack and is on life support in England, please pray with us for divine help.

Iwant to live a better life with myself and be a good person and I am in need of help with finding a better job for my family to have nice things in life.
Vincent AZ USA

Pray everything works out so that we can keep our doublewide sitting on the property it is sitting on now. When we set our trailer up the lady offered to rent the land to us for now with option to buy if she decided to sell.
Sandra NC USA

At this time of my life I have been working on a relationship with a man I have been friends with for 10 years now. His name is David. I ask for prayers.
Kimberly-Ann CA USA

Ahho!! Goot Native Americans and Injuns!! We got internet out here in Iraq. I Thought I use the advantage to send a message to allll my Indians going to meeting during the weekend, and ask them to pray for our wounded and to the families tht losted loved ones. I lost a great friend last week. It breaks my heart to think about his family... and I thought how and what can I do for his family... and I thought .."pray".. and i thought to myself.."I cant do this alone.." and I remembered this website and thought maybe if I leave a message and other members maybe could pray together for LCpl Meyers from the Dineh Nation in Ramah, New Mexico.. i asked my brothers and sister in helping me pray for comfort for his family. He went into the spirit world leaving behind his wife and 2 daughters.. but in spirit he will always be there. Ahho!! Semper Fi "Always Faithful!!"
LCpl Sloan   Iraq

I just want to say a special thanks to the great spirit for guiding me through my life. I have many ups and downs in my life and I am 62 going to College, yet to start another career, pray for me. I ask the creator of the Native American holy way of life be preserved and protected. aho
Levina WA USA

Please pray for Cecile, an Ojibwa sister in Minnesota, who is not married and without parents - that she be calm and not be lonely. Thank you.

Please pray for my family fo there are six of us and we haven't been stable for a while and we really need help with stability, money and a home. Thank you so much.
Kiara Michigan USA

Dear brothers and sisters, may you pray for me i would like to start my own business, pray for my family and my relatives, my country thank you.
Matimba   Zimbabwe

i am a single mother of three and am going thru a very stressfull moment in my life and i currently lost my apt. Please offer prayers for me and my family.
Leticiaa Pa USA

I pray that the sacred places on earth are left undisturbed, & I pray that there are no nuclear wars. I pray for peace harmony & love among all people. I pray the earth to heal itself & destruction of the earth to stop. I offer a prayer for the Polar Bears that are dying from global warming. I also pray for the Elephants that are being mistreated.
Kelly CA USA

I ask prayer for all children in foster care, for the Innocents on both sides of this war, and for ALL men and women serving in uniform and for their families. May the Creator grant us His Peace in our time.

I am requesting prayers for Ricardo. He is from Rio Grande City, TX (South Texas) and has terminal cancer. He is a very young single father and does not deserve to be taken away from his daughter. Please help me pray for a miraculous recovery. Thank you very much, and God bless you. Sincerely, -Liliana
Liliana TX USA

I would like to request prayer or prayers for my Mother, Rita. She always complains about how much she is unhappy with her life. I enjoy my life I would like to try and help her through this website with all of your help through prayer, maybe my Mom can overcome this big burden she feels is making her so unhappy. Please pray for my Mother to try and find Happiness so she can enjoy life. Thank You All and God Bless everyone of you. Jennifer in northeast Pennsylvania
Jennifer PA USA

I would like to ask for a prayer for my Grandfather who is currently recovering from lung surgery. He had cancer in his right lung and had to get it removed two weeks ago Thursday. It was really a miracle that he has done so well and I would still like his recovery to continue going well. We have all stayed very strong through this so please bless my family with a wonderful prayer. Thank you very much. -SummerLee
SummerLee WA USA

Please pray for a dear friend of mine. His name is Dean. He is going thur a lot with his heart. He is only 27 and he means a lot to me. I just wanted him to know that I'm praying for him everyday. Thank you.
Hardy GA USA

Please pray for me and my husband that we will have a child of our own soon.
Shirley   Philippines

I pray for all of you on this list, and for all of you who aren't. I pray the Creator to bless all of you, and ask that you all pray for the Creator to bless me.
Sylvia CA USA

My name is Ernest Jr, and I am requesting a prayer for my education, just so every thing goes well for me, and thank you very much.
Ernest Jr. CO USA

I would like to make a prayer request for my family because my brothers are all not doing good. Bless my little brother in school. His name is Teddy and My older brother Travis who is still in school. Also My brother Tyson. Let him get a job, and my parents who just got back together.

Greetings, I would like to request prayer for my mom, Farah to get well. Thanks, Nazanin
Nazanin CA USA

Please pray for me and my family to be completely healed.
Bill   USA

I just ask that the creator bless each and every one of us as times get harder. I know I'm not the only one that notices the many changes going on around us. I pray that the creator take care of us as he has done in the past and continues to. -- A'Ho -- Mii'gwich

I give you this prayer from my heart, mind, and soul, to watch over those who are in war. To guide them to come in peace and give them strength to help them become strong for their families and to have strong minds in the war so they will live in peace.
alene az usa

Please Pray for Robert and Mary Jane. They operate a wildlife refuge in Harrisville pa. They are running into financial problems to keep it operating.
Wolf-Dreamer PA USA

I offer a prayer, for the intellect of modern man, to walk that long winding road to the shamanic heart, so love will guide his thinking.
don newyork usa

I pray that everything will be okay and peace of mind for me and my whole family
sel   USA

I ask all to pray for to good Spirits of the Four direction's. And may it bring good dreams, health and peace in the heart for all mankind. It's now that Mother Earth is speaking to all of her children. Pray for the benefit of all Mother Earth's Children and not just mankind! May all your Good dreams come in the big web and may blessings of the Great Spirit be on your Path. May i see what's good for all, and hear to do so!
Alex   Netherlands

I pray for all my relations and all of our troops that are serving over seas right now. I pray that you are safe and that you come home soon and that you find the strength to face another day. I pray that my relations and our troops have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
Native Girl AZ USA

Please pray for my sister, Dorothy and her daughter Leigh. Dorothy is quite ill from her head to her toes (staph infection, arthritis, insomnia, excruciating headaches, extremely anemic. Leigh is 34, was in remission from breast cancer for 1-1/2 years. The cancer is back and tumor has attached itself to her retina restricting her vision.

Please pray for me. I'm divorced 42 yrs old diagnosed in aug .04 with colon liver and lung cancer I'm the mother of 2 children 17 and 11 Please pray the chemo and prayers will lift me into a speedy recovery. Please pray for my mom as we have had to move in with her for the help..Thank you for all the prayers

Please offer a prayer for my daughter who is in a troubled marriage. Two beautiful children are involved. Please pray that I find employment soon. Thank you so much
Eleanor GA USA

Pray for my granddaughter Kayla, who's sick. Pray that God will heal her.
Leonor MD USA

Creator I come to you in prayer for all my brothers and sisters who you have brought to mother earth. Protect them from all that leads them off the red road and heal their body, spirit and strengthen their heart. I ask you to make them whole again. Bless all of our spirit animals that walk with us. I thank you for all that you have created. I thank you for hearing my prayer.
Lance AZ USA

Requesting prayer so the graduating class of 2006 here at Navajo Pine High School will accomplish all theirs this school year and pass all the tests that will be given. Bless all the teachers here who have to put up with us, the students, everyday. and bless all those, including animals, who are in need of help, especially with food. amen.
Ravis NM USA

My friend, Charles, is in Iraq right now. He is depressed because it is the holiday season and he misses his family. He could really use some encouraging words and prayer. Thanks and god bless you all.
James AZ USA

Please let us all pray for insight, wisdom and peace. please let us know, and remind me daily, that what we must do on this earth is to love unconditionally. Please send me prayers to be still, to listen, and to love unconditionally..and to learn the knowledge of the heart now..not only the mind... Thank you sincerely..Sonja
Sonja FL USA

My daughter Angeni has had 10 seizures in the last week. I am suffering from stress and depression. Pray that the Creator may break the fevers and the sickness that has come to us. Make the epilepsy go away.
Nicole and Angeni MA USA

I want to Say "Merry Keshmish" and "AHO" to all my relation. God bless thee.
Nathan az USA

Great Spirit please help me open my patches. Please, give me the vision that I need to see the invisible. Please help me find my way of life, in beauty and wisdom. Thank you all. Mitakuye Oyasin
Helder SP Brazil

Requesting prayers for my blessed Father "Don" who has touched many peoples' hearts with good stories and laughs. Please see him in perfect health..
Donnie NV USA

Please pray for my grandfather who is in the hospital with lymphoma. Pray for healing, comfort, and recovery.
Janelle IA USA

Please pray for me to watch my words and my actions, that they may match what is in my heart. I pray for all of you on this path. Creator knows your heart.
jaymelee ca usa

Pray for the opening of eyes, ears, and strength to carry the voice of the Great Creator to the people and return to the Good Red Road.
Sautee-Nacoochee GA USA

Please pray for my sister Heather. She may have breast cancer. She has a growth issue. Please pray for a complete healing for her and that she does not have cancer. She is 36 and has 2 young children and no help at home. Please pray for her. Thank you so much.
Janice KY USA

Hello , I want to ask for some prayers for my co-workers. There are good people, we work with kids and the community with the chinle agency. thank you

Please pray I can see, meet, find the Creator everywhere, everytime, everything, and I can gain wisdoms about creation, life process, manifestation, psychic ability and spiritual gifts. thanks for your prayer. God bless
roy   indonesia

I pray for world peace, especially in the Middle East.
Cherokeea19 MD USA

Please pray for my nephew who is in college. Also for my friend Tony, who will be operated on 3 dec, let the surgery be sucessful.
Moses   Kuwait

Need healing Prayers for all the People I have been Praying for: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sickness, Abuse situations, finacial problems, Family of a Lady who crossed over. Home repairs. Praying for Peace and Harmony among all Peoples. My Heritage is Lenape, Seneca, and Cherokee. Love and Prayers from Arnie, Wolf-Dreamer. Thank You!
Wolf-Dreamer PA USA

Plz for my dearest sis unics health. Past 2 weeks she has been having pains and aches in her bone and body. Doctors have given high doesage of pain killers. All medicines doent seem to work her. Plz pray for her healing.
rachel   Singapore

Please pray for my teenage son, Sebastian, to come back home to us. He is being misguided by other forces and people and has become a confused, angry young man. Please pray the Creator speaks to him and helps him to find his way. And for the healing of Devin, who has had the flu for some time now. Thanks and God Bless!!
Carleen NE USA

That I would be transferred from the Port of Spain Office back to my hometown in San Fernando. Firstly, I am very very far away from my family and it pains me to be away from them, Secondly, I leave home at 5:00 am in the morning to go to work and return at 6:00 pm in the evening. My family life is greatly affected by this new job and location. Please, please, please pray for me to be transferred back to my hometown in San Fernando, so that I can be closer to my family in cases of emergencies. I thank you for offering up my prayer...
Alicia   Trinidad

Please pray for my brother who passed january of this year. He was a veteran and had recently returned from Iraq, he was a good man. please pray that my brother have peace.
Rafael MO USA

Thank you for this beautiful site. I would first ask for any and all who would kindly pray for my wife, Lynn, who is recovering from surgery and has had many sufferings from physical ailments; that she may be restored to health by the loving power of God the Creator. And I also wish to say that I will print out as many of the other prayer requests of my brothers and sisters on this page, to pray for them myself and to have them placed on a prayer altar so that others may also offer prayer for them. Again, thank you - may peace and blessing abide with you all, and may you walk in beauty.
Julian AL USA

I would like to request prayer for my elder brother (Navin) who has going to write a P- 2 (C.A) exam. He is writhing for the 5th time. He is suffering from kidney problems for the past 26 year; please pray for my mummy who has suffered a lot and for my daddy Please prayer for me (Kiran) I am not able to study well.
Kiran   India

Please pray for continued healing of Chelsea's cornea and full restoration of her vision. God Bless You.
Ken   USA

Please pray for Rayman right hand to be healed, Dhanie eye to be healed and for Deborah good health. Thank you, God bless you!
Deb   CDN

Osiyo` I humbly request prayer on behalf of my daughter. She is about to be foreclosed on. She is under a great deal of stress because of this. I have been praying, but I need more voices and smoke rising on her behalf. I appreciate your help and thank you very much. Sincerely,Pamela (Redheart)
Pamela ID USA

I am a single mother of four, 9, 8, 7, and 6 year old. I struggle so hard to keep a roof, food etc for my children. There are times when my utilities are turn off (such as gas). I live in a two bed room house which I rent, this house has so much problems and it is causing my oldest son to get sick. I have been looking for a house to rent with the option to purchase or one the I can take over the mortgage payments(owner financing) Please pray for me and my children that I find the assistance I need.
Marlene MD USA

Would you please pray for Evie , she is 11 and has an ongoing problem with a viral infection in her brain and medicines are always being changed with only temporary help, she is a loving soul in a happy family. Thank you.
Judy NSW Australia

Nov. 03, 2005 is my little girl's birthday and I will be praying for her. Thank you Creator
Nathan AZ USA

Hello. I come to you today and thank the Creator that we can stand together and pray for all people that walk on Mother Earth. I also ask that you please pray for my sister who has cancer. Thank you and my the Creator bless and protect you all as we walk softly on Mother Earth
ThunderBear MD USA

May all your prayers get answered, I will pray for all of you. At this time I would like to pray for my brother who is getting deployed this month. May the Great Spirit watch over him as he travels overseas, may he be at peace with himself, I pray that he keeps our prayers with him as he journeys through life. I pray that he is safe everyday and that he comes home really soon. It is hard when a relative goes overseas and you don't hear or see them for a long time. It is painful and it hits home but family is what gets us through. As you all travel through this thing we call "iina" (life), I hope you take this with you, that family is everything and never take them for granted for when you look around, they will be the ones that will still be standing there. My brother and I are very close and I feel lost without him right now and I pray that the Great Spirit watches over my family and myself through this. Please, whatever you do in your life, never forget your family, tell them you love them everyday and tell them how much they mean to you. We will be attending a Peyote Meeting on Veterans Day and I will pray for all our troops that are serving our country and I will send my prayers out to all of you. May God Bless you all and keep the faith. Aho!
NativeGirl AZ USA

Please pray for Cecile, an Ojibwa woman, for her direction and for relief from loneliness. Many of her family have passed away. She has had a hard life and suffered much disrespect and lack of opportunity.
Dan   USA

Please, say a little prayer for me for a better tomorrow. I'm clean and sober, open & honest.. with myself and others around me...I am a Dene, Northwest Territories, Canada. Mussi-cho
Roger BC Canada

My prayer is that my husband has been in prison for two and one half months and i am asking that his time will be short. His sentence is two years and ten months and it's so hard and I can't think right no more. I just lost my job because I got sick from worrying about him. I want a person to talk to him for me so we can live a better life again. Thank you so very much!

Norna NM USA

I pray for my relatives and love ones, among them..Zandrita, Amanda, Barbara, Ulrika, i wish them all the love and healing this life can give them, i wish them all the happiness and harmony they need, i pray that i am a part of their hearts. I pray for my daughter so she can go on without fears, knowing that her father is well, so i also I pray for myself, to continue walking in a lucid manner, without abusing drugs or alcohol.
CÈsar.   Sweden

Please pray for my best friend Denise that the Creator will cure her cancer and give her peace after many years of stress and selflessness. She is in AR for treatment. Thank you.
Pattie CA USA

I Have just started on the path to the Creator, I am learning to see not just look, learning to listen not just hear....I ask that others can see this path and wish to walk upon it too. I ask that others, Elders from this path, be placed in my sight and in the path of all that walk this path to learn from them . Thank you

I have been going through financial problems ever since I lost my job 3 years ago. I am the sole breadwinner and there is constant arguments at home because of financial difficulties. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you.
Megan   USA

Pray for the salvation of all lives, every living thing, to completely end all sufferings. As prayers for universal solutions to all problems given to fulfil every need as answers to every prayer request. So immensely as the rose falls from heaven. Infinitely flowering most eternal beautiful experiences - as oneness, bliss, blessings, and love.

pray for my mom who suffers

May we all pray for Peace and Guidance thru these hard times. May those who stumble and fall in darkness every day be filled with light from the Creator so that others may learn. May we a pray for the Earth Mother who truly is sick so that she may be healed.
ShaRenKa NY

I pray for my father. I pray in a humble way for him. He has been sick with this disease that they call kidney cancer. He needs help with this Wakan Tanka. He has always been a strong man with your help and done much good in this life. He needs help keeping the faith and keeping his spirits up. I pray that he is able to attend a meeting and go back home to be renewed and able to come and fight this with even stronger resolve and if it be in you plan take this cancer away. I thank you for hearing my prayer tunkasheila and thank you for the blessings that you have given him and my family and I. to all my relations aho.
Beyaja CA USA

My son Anu is 10-years-old and suffering from cancer. The cancer is attached to his kidney, our earthly doctors say it is to risky to operate. I request your valued prayer for my son. Thank you and God bless you.
Thomas Delhi India

I would like to first start by saying I know it is not right to pray for ones' self. I do however have a growing urge to find out my heritage. I hope someday I will know. I suppose if I'm meant to know; I will. I've always had this feeling that I have some Native heritage.
Brian MO USA

ask Spirit to send a spirit-guide into my dreams so I can learn to establish a link with Creation and know when I am on the right road.

I am asking for prayer for my sister Amy, husband and I, Bonnie and Trond. This has been the most difficult year of my sisters life. She has been without a job for almost a year now. We are praying she can find the right job she can handle heath wise. My husband is helping her the best we can financially. It is not enough. Please pray that she not lose her home and a door will open for her. We pray for answers and would be extremely grateful for any prayer said in our behalf.
Bonnie Oslo Norway

I have an urgent prayer request for my fiancee, Cybelle. She has been fighting breast cancer for the past two years. Just recently, she noticed yet another lump on the left side of her chest so please pray for divine healing for her. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless!
ct Minala Philippines

I pray every morning, giving thanks to out mother earth that I walk on every day and the Creator, who guides us in our daily life. I pray for the people that are sick and all our young men that are out in Iraq,
all our children who are in need of guidance for their education. This is about the time all our youth return to school, so I ask for everyone to pray for them as well. They do need our support, that they may learn, obey their teacher and respect their elders and learn their culture so they will carry on in this life. Our little ones are so precious, so please, for them, so they will learn what is right and be an example. Life is so short to waste, we need to teach our children the proper way of life. thank-you
Anita Utah USA

I ask for a prayer for my whole family. They seem a little lost and without direction since the loss of numerous loved ones. I hope that creator can lead us back to one another so we can be there for the new babies and the one that is on its way. I don't have the courage to announce my pregnancy to anyone and I've always been taught that children are a blessing and to welcome them with a warm heart. I ask for prayers to look over my family and my babies.
Crystal WA USA

Please pray for the People of Niger and the children to have food, water and medicine in they need. Please pray for rain for Niger and for other African countries that are suffering from severe drought. thank you
Jennifer NE USA

I am requesting prayers for my mother, Lila, because she is going through so much pain, and is practically living day to day on pain reliever. My mum has lupus and osteoporosis. It is so hard to see her having to depend on other people to do things for her, as she was very independent, giving, and caring to many people.
Songbirdwoman   Canada

I ask the Creator that this Native American holy way of life be preserved and protected and that you bless Sean and heal his heart, due to the loss of his mother, Dotty.
Michelle HI USA

pray for complete healing from breast cancer

I offer my prayer for my son, for a cure, liberation, and for spiritual awakening.
K·tia   Brazil

Today I ask for prayers for my daughter, Kimberly, who is 20-yrs-young. She has returned home to the U.S. from serving 6 months of active duty in Iraq, Air Force branch. She has currently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. The prayers I ask for, that she can proceed through this knowing she has all the love and support she can possibly hope for from all her family, friends, doctors, and other health care associates. I'm also asking for prayers for the doctors and nurses who will be caring for her, that they have her best interest when making decisions regarding her treatment care. Aloha
Merlinda HI USA

Bless our people as we walk the land on the path to enlightenment.

I am asking for a prayer for my 1 yr old daughter, my 5 yr old step daughter, my wife and myself for a everlasting and happy life together. I grew up in the Native American Church and I'm from OK. And now we are currently living in CA. And would love for my family to experience the ways I grew up in, but it is hard to find church over here. So I am asking for your prayers and hope that it is answered, aho.
T Santa Rosa CA

We would like to request prayers for our sister Angel who passed away from cancer on June 16th, '05, and her four adult children, family, and friends who were all very close to her. They are all going through a very hard time grieving for her. We pray for those who do not know the light, and we truly plea they can find their way.
We pray for world peace for all brothers and sisters of the four colours to come together, to work together, and to be there for one another. All our Relations.

I am praying for guidence, wisdom and a blessing. I am praying to be an example of the Creator's love. I want to be an example of peace and unity and I am praying for healing of humanity and the lands and waters we live upon.

I want to thank you for the prayers because it helps my beloved, dear and best friend Etienne. I can't be with him, buth the prayers do work so I hope it helps him much more because he is far from home and alone. Thank you!
eaglewoman   Netherlands

Please pray for my brother in Texas. Several months ago he returned from Iraq. Just a couple of weeks ago he came home to visit but left only confused as he returned to Texas to continue his military duties. May he return home safe and in harmony once again. I love you shi tzili (lil brother). I worry for him as he searches for his place in this world. Without his father who guided him before his passing he always seems to be distant from us since our father's passing several years ago. Please pray for him. Ahee'e my brothers and sisters.
Deb Utah USA

I would remind us all to pray for the children everywhere. I also need support to pray for cancer. It is a manifestation of hurt and chaos. For everyone afflicted , may they find the center within themselves where the creator speaks to them in peace and silence.
Donna TX USA

Pray for a brother on his vision quest now at the Butte in Nevada; that Grandfather guide him on his journey. Pray for me as I seek to enlighten and uphold the sun as I grow in my spirit.

I pray that I may find a way to help my family and humanity at the same time.
Maria TX USA

I ask a prayer for my family to continue the struggles we are face with in our everyday life and to give us love, hope, strength, and lead us to the positive side to life to make our life more easier. May we succeed in our dreams that we are striving for in education, occupation, and financially. My kids to grow up with respect, knowledge, and good health.

Please continue to pray for Sue, there is infection in her and they have to take the feeding tube out and she can't stand another operation, pray that everything will go well.
Audrey MI USA

Please pray for me and my family. We are going thru some hard times right now and every prayer will help, thank you.
Hardy GA USA

I would like to request a prayer for my little brother who is currently incarcerated. He has not been sentenced yet so we have high hopes for him so he can come home to us.

This is prayer request is for my sister, Amy Molina, so that her pregnancy goes well and that her, her baby and father are healthy, safe and guided by the Creator always. Thank you so much!
Adrian TX USA

For me to develop unconditional love for everyone and everything and for me to develop strong will power.
Brent CA USA

Please pray for me and my family.... my sister just passed away about a half an hour ago..... My niece is up here and is pretty overwhelmed with all of this.
Liisa MI USA

Creator please bless all my relations, especially those suffering with health ailments. My uncle Randy needs your help as well, Creator, if you could provide him physical assistance. Please protect our men and women who find themselves in a war zone. Thank you, Creator, for helping me find more love in my heart..........AHO
David CA USA

Please pray for my husband Greg and I that we won't lose our house.
Elsie OR USA

I ask that you help pray for Sharon. She is under the control of crack cocaine and alcohol.

The doctors say that my Grandma only has 10% of her kidneys functioning. She's already in her 80s and doesn't want to go for dialysis, which is the only option left. I hope that my grandma can live for a few more years. I've been living with her since I was a baby. My parents don't live with me, but only comes to visit us or bring us food.
Gloria Goh   Singapore

Please pray for my son Tony's wife Lena....[she is the one that is legally blind]....he had to take her to the emergency at 2:00 am this morning because she was having such pain in her eye.....they said she has acute glaucoma and to go to the eye doctor.
Bless MI USA

I want to ask for a prayer for my beloved, best and dear friend. I can't be with him but I wish him all I wish myself and my spirit is with him.
eaglewoman4   Nederlands

Please pray for Waya. He recently completed chemo & radiation therapy for lymphoma (linked to Agent Orange used to kill foliage in Viet Nam). He is experiencing numbness in lower legs, and fingers. Doctor says side effect from both therapies. When he walks he sometimes has to help his legs move over obstacles by lifting them with his hands. Raised a woodsman and taught the Cherokee ways, he will not give in to this malady. Thank you for taking the time to pray for him.
Maggie VA USA

A friend in Mexico has stomach cancer. Please pray...

Please pray for my wife and her recovery....she is very ill.
Dan   USA

I pray for all our troops that are in Iraq. May the great one bless them and their families and may they all return home safely. I pray for my baby brother who is stationed in Texas right now and may be deployed in November. I pray that the Creator protects him while he is away from home and that he has a sense of strength when he is away from his loved ones. We miss him a lot and it hurts us that he is away right now. May he always find the road home where his heart is at and where his family will always be waiting for him. I pray for all that are in trouble, in pain and are having hardships in their lives. Lastly I pray for my family and my sons' and boyfriend and myself. God Bless.
Cheri AZ USA

Please pray for Sue. She has a feeding tube in her and she is bleeding. They said at the Clinic that if infection gets in, it could mean death.
Audrey MI USA

My brother, Derek, has an enlarged heart. During his hospitalization, his doctor found that Derek's kidneys are not working right - the cause believed to be from an infection. They have placed Derek on dialysis. I would like to request prayer.
Eugene NJ USA

I ask for a medicine person to bless me and my wife, jen, and my daughter, jess, and my son, josiah. I pray that the Great Spirit will connect me to a teacher so that I may learn the right way to carry myself and guide my family towards balance, into life-balance.
jo-el OH USA

Just praying that the woman whom nearly side swiped me off the highway this morning (and she ended up just going into the grass). I know she's okay. I just hope that it doesn't cost her much for the tire she needs to replace.
Suzy   USA

I ask for a prayer. That people can understand the circle of life.

My dad has been diagnosed with cancer. The secondary growth was detected under his jaw but the doctors cannot find the primary growth and suspect in to be in the nasal cavity. In addition he is a chain smoker but has stopped smoking for a bit. His alcoholism has taken a bad turn since detecting the cancer. Please pray for my dad. He could really use it.

Please pray for my dad who fell at the nursing home and broke his hip. Because he doesn't really communicate, he is very afraid and fights everyone.. he needs surgery... thank you
patsy MI USA

My sister-in-law, Jessi, was in a terrible car accident Saturday night. Doctors say she will never walk again. Creator heal her. She is now paralyzed at the age of 21. Please help her, her family and loved ones ease the pain, the suffering, the confusion and the sadness at this time.
Leah   USA

Please pray for my two children and me.
Sharon TN USA

I pray that you can answer each and every prayer that is requested on these pages. I am also requesting prayers from NAC members for my mum Lila-who has Lupus and Osteoporosis and is going through so much pain, and also my sister Angel who has cancer and is going through chemotherapy. They both have taken part in the NAC and ate the holy medicine. It is so heart breaking to see two people who have helped out so many people go through such a trauma. I guess we do not know or realize all that we have until something is not right.
Songbirdwoman   Canada

My name is wyatt and I'm 22 yrs. old. In nov. of 03 i was stabbed in the neck while trying to help another young man who was being jumped. It left me paralyzed, which is devastating my mental health with the depression. Please send some positive energy my way. I know the positive thoughts and energy are real; I believe that it could help.
Wyatt CA USA

My Friend Debbie is now going to the emergency for her heart. Please pray for her.
Betty MI USA

Please pray for a financial recovery of my family and that my nan gets better, she is ill and we are losing our house because we can't pay off the mortgage. Thank you
Gene   Australia

Please pray for my dad, Bill, he has just found out that he has Pancreatic Cancer that has spread to his stomach, intestines and liver. The doctors have told him that he has 6 months to 2 years to live. I know he can be healed of this disease. Through the Creator ANYTHING is possible. Also please pray for my mother (Jo), they have been married for almost 60 years and this is so hard on her. Also the immediate family is having a tough time with this news and there has been friction between family members, please pray that we will all get along and be drawn closer through this rough time. Lastly please pray for me that my faith won't waiver through this hard time with my dad. Thank You and Bless You
Dianne OR USA

Please pray for my mom, Eunice, who is suffering from colon and liver cancer. We hope the chemo will reduce the mass in her colon and she will be strong enough to endure the surgery to remove it. Please pray that the cancer will stop spreading and proper liver functioning will be restored. May the Creator ease her suffering and dizziness. Thank you so much!
Leslie IL USA

Please heal my body and my rheumatoid arthritis.

For peace in my marriage, for my wife stacey, for my son chris to have favor with his basketball coaches, for david to get head coaching job
Ashley KY USA

I offer my prayers to all who need the guidance of The Great Spirit. Let the Spirit shine through your eyes and light your path when you're in darkness. You are never alone...we are One with each other and the Great Spirit. God Bless each and every one with Strength, Wisdom & Light. Amen.
Christe CA USA

My Life here on earth is almost finished, I can feel. It is OK, I go to Great Spirit and I will fly. I shall see you all. And I will pray for love in all your hearts. I will pray for understanding of each other and I hope the church will do that to. I ask them and great Spirit to help all people, right or wrong, to go for love and one in all. I will take my eagle feather witch I have from my father and he is where I shall go......on.

Please pray for Fran. He has sugar and they had to remove his colon and cut one foot off and then a toe on the other foot, he was brought to the hospital and he just isn't doing well; he can't get warm, he is awful pale. Pray for his wife Joan that she would hold up and to be encouraged.
Betty MI USA

Please pray for me and my family struggling financially. We are in deep trouble. I (Edwin) and my brother Johnson are trying for a job simultaneously. My family consists of my Mother Emily, Me Edwin (35), my younger brother Johnson (28) and my youngest brother Jackson. Actually we don't have any income of our own; some relatives are helping us.
Edwin Kerala India

I pray for peace and protection from man for animals. It hurts me deeply to see the unkind, disrespectful acts committed against such magnificent, beautiful, and amazing creatures. I also pray that man's eyes, ears, and hearts be opened to the truth. Thank you.
Susan IN USA

I pray to the Great Spirit to heal me so I can go back to work. I also need spiritual guidance and help getting custody of my son.
Raymond AZ USA

Please pray for me. I am confused and unable to decide with my life and also I have a lot of hurts and discouragements and I am alone and get headaches all the time.
charles Ma India

Please pray for me. Today I realized that my relationship is going nowhere and that it must end here. I asked my husband to leave our home. He did so (and seemed happy to do it). I haven't heard from him all day. We have a 7-year-old precious daughter who loves her daddy very much. Please keep my daughter and I in your prayers--that we heal. May forgiveness prevail and our hearts heal.
Marika   Canada

MY prayer Request is for me to be cool with my grandmother who is raising 5 beautiful kids for her baby daughter. Sometimes we don't like each other but I know she loves us a lot but it is so hard sometimes. Thank you.
Tiffany NV USA

I have lost my way! I have not got the strength to continue. I want to give up, but I am not alone in this world and people count on me. How can I raise my children when I have no light to shine on their path? I am empty, and I do not know what to do. Please pray for me. I need all the help I can get.
little raven tx usa

I need a miracle immediately in calif. to get into low income housing. I have family in calif. that needs my help.
Steve MO USA

I would like to request a prayer for my family and I. May everything be good for us mentally and physically. I am stressed right now with upcoming finals and my financial status. I just want everything to work out and be okay.

I want to ask Great Spirit to guide all of Mankind Through the Darkness in which they are blind; without eyes to see and ears to hear. Please Elders send my Wisdom how to handle and take care of all Beings surrounding US. May all of the old Dreams stand up and help us to reach out for one another. May Eyes be opened and may Ears be used for their purpose. My prayer is for all!!
Alex Netherlands

Please pray for my mother. She has lung cancer.
Glenda AR USA

My wife and I are trying to recover from the horrible loss of our only son! His death was the final blow in our already broken and crushed lives!! And this crushed us into DUST!! Please keep us in special prayer for healing in the days ahead...Spring, Summer, Fall...2005..Thank you, Bill and Carol, husband and wife in agony.
Bill & Carol OH USA

Please pray for me that I will hold up strong, my husband has gone to a treatment center. Pray that he will be able to look himself in the mirror and come back stronger than when he backslid.
Cynthia MI USA

Please pray for the healing of Wilma. She has ovarian cancer.
Jackie KY USA

We are overwhelmed by our financial situation. Within 2 years everyone in my immediate family died. It seems as if it is a tornado or something in which every single time things get worse. Getting close to 60, all alone with the exception of my beloved daughter Crystal. The money does not stretch far enough to pay rent, and buy groceries. We live a simple life. I have always worked for the last 40 years. Will you please pray for us and ask our Creator to please bless our financial situation and well being. Thank you. Blanche and Crystal.
Blanche WA USA

I just thought of coming to this web site. My daughter and I hope that all your prayers get answered and we will be praying for you as well. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me and my family with their prayers. I had my first-born about 3 months ago and it has been a blessing to me and her father, but it is hard at times, but somehow we get through it. So I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to her father Alden for being there for us when times get rough. We both love you Daddy.
Marsha & Amory Crownpoint, NM USA

Please help me and pray for me. I get very very depressed and I don't know why, It just comes. I am raising 2 grandkids and I have a daughter that just ignores them and it hurts a lot. Help me to let go and realize that I am powerless over that.
Josie NE USA

Please pray that my husband will overcome his drinking problem and become the man he can be. There are so many problems in the world. He is a good man and provides good, a good father, and grandfather, but he wants to be better. Also please keep me in your prayers for a job offer. I need to get a job and help out with the finances.

I have cancer and heart disease. I have been praying so long for healing that it is sometimes hard to hold on to my faith. I know that it is God's will to heal me. Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for my good friend that went to prison for something he didn't do His name is Eddie. Also please pray for a little girl named Hayli. She is 10 months old and has recently lost her father. She is the most darling thing in the world and means everything to me.

Please pray that my husband Greg and I will not have to file bankruptcy and lose our house. Please pray we keep our house and pray for our families for help in finances and health. Thank You.
Elsie OR USA

O Great Spirit, Hear our Prayer. We seek your firm grip on our lives as we walk the path you have chosen for us. The weapons given us by Your Hands are Spiritual, for the purpose of shaping us and delivering us from the bondage of the world.

I am 41 years old and have waited for my soul mate for 12 years. He has left me and I ask that you pray for God to restore our relationship.
Denise AL USA

Please pray that my bank account stays in the clear and I have enough money to pay my house payment on the 31st. Please pray for my 5-year-old son. Also, please pray my oldest son has the strength to meet his father and his father's family and build a relationship. And that his girlfriend's medical tests come out clear of cancer. God Bless.
Carleen NE USA

I would like prayer for my boyfriend. Thank-you, and may God bless.
Carolyn NC USA

I pray for world peace. I pray for the day that guns, weapons and fighting will be a primitive idea. I pray for tolerance among all, around the world. Killing is not the answer.
Arieh NC USA

We were taught that the Great Spirit sees and hears everything. The Great Spirit is in all things. The earth is our mother and she nourishes us. That which we put into the ground she returns to us... 0ye
Chris AK USA

Please pray for my son who is stationed in Iraq. Pray for his salvation, protection and restoration with his family. Thank you so very much.
Mom   USA

I would like to request prayer for my self, I have a court date on april 15. I just hope and pray that the courts have mercy on me and give me one more chance on freedom.

Please pray that I can make my house payment on time and that there are no down checks at the bank this week or next. Also, please pray that my sugar becomes under control. And that my home job becomes a reality soon. Please pray for my friend, Kim, who is a high risk pregnancy. Thank you and God Bless.
Carleen NE USA

We are a family from New Braunfels. I am going through a troublesome time with a court trial. I will be going to court at the end of March. I may lose my family. I am so afraid and scared. My wife is going through a lot. Please pray for me and my family. It's just a very scary time for our family. Thank you.

I'm asking for prayer for my dad, Ralph, who has cancer & gets a bone scan on Monday. The Doctors gave him 5 yrs. & the 5 years are up, so please keep him in prayer at this time.

Please pray for my friend, Bassey. He needs to finish work on his property, but it's costing him much more than he has and he has a deadline to complete work. Give him strength to focus because he has been breaking down a lot about this.
Weruche MS USA

I need prayer to be blessed with some money to get my car fixed. My son has been sick and we need to take him to the doctor. He has tachycardia and an ear ache. It's gonna cost $210 dollars to get the car fixed. Pray for my grandpa to find some work. Thank you.
Holly OH USA

I am getting married on Saturday, March 19. I pray that the Wedding ceremony and all that goes with it will all go perfectly. I also pray that my fiance' and I are able to prosper as husband and wife.

Please pray for my son who has been falsely accused of misconduct. Pray that an investigation will clear his name.

Help, please. Need prayer for extension of alimony to Oct., $3,000 a month to pay bills, job to pay for bills, immediate success in new home-based business, chronic clinical depression, addiction to TV, and to become a clean housekeeper. I have some money in the bank, but that will not last forever. Thank you so much for reading this.
Thelma CA USA

My name is Joram. I want you to pray for me today as I am forwarding my document to a company where I have been training for 4 months. Please pray for me to get that job to be able to care for my family god bless you

I pray for real friendship among the different races.
Carsten   Deutschland

I am sending a voice with the people's pipe. I am standing here sending a voice for health and peace. Ikce wicasa ta cannupe ki, uha hoye wayeio yo wicozani wo wakwala, heye ya nawjielo. Ate wakan tanka lead ate wakan tanka ate wakan tanka unsi mala ye yo oyate, oyate, sani cin pelo heya hoye wan yelo. Father, great spirit. Father, great spirit. Father, great spirit take pity on me the people, the people, want good health in this way, I am sending a voice father, great spirit take pity on me the people, the people, want good health in this way, I am sending a voice.

My little cousin Isabella was born 3 months early and she weighs less than a pound. She is having numerous health problems especially with her lungs. Every day that she has lived is a miracle and I just wish you would pray for healing and strength for her so she can come home. Her mom and dad are both christians and they have so much faith in God. Her parents can't even hold her right now for the risk of infection. Please pray that baby Isabella will be healed. Thank You.
Misty Beckley, WV USA

I request a prayer for all living things that are endangered because of our carelessness. I offer a prayer so we, as a race, can find harmony in the world again and learn to live peacefully with all its' inhabitants.
Jacque WA USA

Pray for me. Either I'm on the Way and too blind to see it, in which case I'm not really on the Way; or I really am lost and not living right. I am too much of two minds and not One. Namaste.
Brian ID USA

Please hear my prayer and I ask that who ever may read this that you will also put us in your prayers. My name is Jennifer. My boyfriend and I were separated after many subsequent traumatic events in our relationship. We had just lost a pregnancy, he is graduating school this semester, he started a new job, he is in the midst of a custody battle over his son. I found out I am pregnant again and he still has not come home. I have 3 other children who also love him and see him as their dad too. I would like to ask you all to please pray for us. I am so lost right now and will be quite honest; I don't know how much more I can take. Please pray for us. Please.
Jennifer Texas USA

Please,pray for my daughter,Adriana. She is suffering from anxiety disorder. At this time she is in mental health care facility and she serves to the Lord and we have the faith that she'll be healed. Thanks and God bless you
Theresa FL USA

That God will take away the hurt and please, please bring me my husband. I am exhausted.

Please pray for the Eagles that have been killed up here in Canada. It is very heartbreaking that people can do such a thing, they should know better. I pray that they will find those people and punish them to show others that it is not an acceptable thing.
Songbirdwoman BC Canada

My fiance, Amber, had a lump found in her breast by her doctor yesterday. She had an ultrasound today to see if it could possibly be cancerous. She is only 23 years old and we will be getting married in less than a month. Please pray that Amber does not have breast cancer, and that the lump is nothing to be concerned about.

Please pray for my girlfriend, Dawn and her family! She is in a drug treatment center in Akron, Ohio! Drugs and alcohol have taken over her life.

I am under an extreme amount of stress both at my career and my immigration status. Please help me to see through this kind of fear, and understand that it is unreal. I know there is a purpose for me to stay in this place; it is to utilize my gifts. I will get through this. Please help me get back to focus and your loving center. Please help me to be calm and productive even in the most extreme situation. Please give me this kind of wisdom.
Sarah TX USA

I am so desperate and confused - my husband is having affair. Please pray for peace in his heart, so that our marriage will be saved. I make this humble request on behalf of my son & myself.

Please pray for me not to have to file for a bankruptcy. I need a financial miracle from God to have my bills paid this month - I can't do it on my own. Please pray for me. Thank you so much.
Diane San Jose CA

Please pray god will get me out from what I have ask to him and will take me to where I want to be. Thanks for your prayer

Please pray for the health of my father and husband. May my father's mind, heart and body be restored. May his wife's heart be healed and filled with love, kindness and consideration. May my husband be healed in mind, body and spirit. May all financial burdens be removed without loss of life or injury. May peace, goodness and love flow through us and around us all. May there be peace throughout all the world.

I would like a prayer of healing for a broken left foot. Thank you
Linda KS USA

Please pray for my sister to help with her pregnancy complications. She is 43 yrs. old with no child. She had several miscarriages in the past. She is in the hospital and there is a possibility of another miscarriage this time also. Please pray for her.
Kev   USA

Please pray for those who are without knowledge of what the great master and creator has done for them. Pray for my family .Pray that our lives will be blessed by the creator and that we as unity will protect our mother earth from the harmful surroundings. Aho matageasi.
jamie tn usa

Please pray for Isabella who was born 3 months early. She weighs less than a pound and is having numerous health problems. Please pray for strength and healing.
Misti   USA

This prayer request is for my wife's grandmother, Alfia. She is very sick right now with the flu. We pray that she will receive the strength to heal and to stay warm because it is very cold were she lives in Uzbekistan. We also pray that her immune system will become very strong and vibrant.
Adrian TX USA

Guidance, and Wisdom, The Way.

Please pray for enlightenment and revelations about what I have asked. Thanks for your prayer.
ROY Jakarta Indonesia

Pray for Debbie. She has a mass on her thyroid and she has to take another brain scan to see if any damage is there that causes numbness.
Deborah MI USA

Please pray that Teri will be healed from breast, lung, and liver cancer

Thanks for the constant growth and higher understanding. Thanks for helping me to find the true beauty, the inner beauty. Thanks for helping me to see others in a broader and a wider perspective.
sarah tx USA

Please pray that God leads me to a good job and finds me a place to live with my girls

Please pray for my friend to find a spiritual path, and work that nourishes her - and for strength healing and resources to pursue those things. Help her to find healing and good relations with family, friends and community. Healing from disease and trauma from the past

Please pray for me, my Husband, and 3 young children.
Kristi TX USA

Please pray for Steven for his abundance, peace, and safety during his time of current challenge.

I need direction.... I just applied to a job that I've longed for... Please pray for me....I hope this is not selfish

I ask for prayers for my family, relatives, and friends in and out of the N.A.C..for me to find a good job in a good area.
Wayne NE USA

Thank God Malissa is back. Love, joy, peace and faith fill her Heart. Please pray for David, heart, mind and body. Thank you for joining me in my prayer request and thank you for my green card.
Malissa   USA

Please pray for a complete healing for my friend David. He has a viral infection but remains in high spirits. Please pray that God will touch his body, mind and soul with healing thoughts and vibrations. Thank you and God Bless.

Need prayer for Judge to dismiss charge against me and grant me freedom.
Ed   USA

Please pray for my son Jason. He is being accused of something he did not do. He is innocent. Please pray this is dismissed against him and that it will not go to court. He is such a kind man thank you

Please pray for my brother Niroon. He is in the intensive care unit suffering from pneumonia in his lung and an infection in his blood. God Bless all.
Deena   USA

A prayer for healing emotionally. thank you
Cynthia   USA

Pray for my mom, chris, and family and for love, god and creator in their hearts and pray for healing for me, my mom and my family and all the first nation native people. And pray for all the sundancers and may the creator's spirit bless you for your prayers. love chris..
chris CA USA

Dear brothers and sisters, my name is Arianna and I am writing from Italy. I need your prayers. My mom
has a carcinoma and will undergo an operation soon. I beg you all to please ask God to save her from cancer. My mom is a just and very altruist woman. She's so sweet and I love her. I need her. I lost my father when I was only 13 and if I lost my mom now, I'd remain alone.
Arianna Ravenna Italy

Please pray for Steve. His lungs need healing. He has had double pneumonia and was also hit as a pedestrian by a truck in the past 4 months; his mother is also dying and he buried his niece today. He is a good man. He is undergoing treatments and faces surgery. He supports 2 daughters and his mother and has not been able to work very much. He is a strong personality and can be used greatly by God. Please pray for his healing.
Sheila Little River, SC USA

I'm emailing you, for some prayer requests in my life, right now I have been going through a difficult time with my financial situation, myself in general and my dreams. I pray that God hears me, I hope you could say a prayer for me. I plan on living to the Philippines soon too. thank you and God Bless!
Shawn gatineau Canada

Please pray for my cousin in Iraq. His troop has been hit by a bomb.
Mariah Urbana, OH USA

I am making this prayer request to find my missing cousin John (missing since 19th Dec, '04) and to help his family at this terrible time.
Geraldine   Ireland

Please pray for a complete healing for my Aunt Grace. She is hospitalized and in very poor health. Please pray that God will touch her body. Thank you and God Bless.

Pray the Lord heals my husband John's liver disease, heals Sandra's inoperable brain tumor, blesses Stephanie with a good husband, heals Kathy's infirmities, sends an army of angels to stand with Jeff and me. Pray for blessings on Sandra, Steve, Stephanie, Aaron, Erica, John, Kathy, Sarah, JJ, Pete, Dan, Nancy, Justin, Chris, Linda, Dennis, Bradley, Alice, Mohammad, Kathy, DAve, Mary, Rick, Jean Williams, MaryJo, Jerry, Joan, Susan, Bob, Jeff B. Mary, Dave, Don, Rita and Mildren. Thank You.
Paulie a Norkemuk Wintu Indian CA USA

For the past nine months I have been going through so many trials. I'm still healing from a broken heart, the man of my dreams entered my life and changed my negative feelings into positive ones. Our engagement was called off because of his infidelity. two months later my only, older brother dies and my world was turned upside down. I couldn't handle both tragedies and even now it's hard to face the sun in the mornings and believe I am going to be okay. I feel so alone and I've even started to give up on my faith in my traditional Apache ways and the healing of the Native American Church. I want my life to get back on the right track and I want my heart to heal so I can move on in a positive direction. I want to smile again and wake up in the morning knowing I'm going to be okay. Please keep me in your prayers, I need the protection. Thank you!
Linnea AZ USA

Please hear my cry and grant me that miracle of positive change in my life. Thank You!
reema   india

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to thank You for Your great job. Please help us. We need Your prayer help. We are trying to have a child - but we can't. Please pray for us. Thank You advance and God bless You - Rafael & Nelly
Rafael   Netherlands

Pleas pray for me. I'm desperate and I don't know what to do. Please pray that I do the right thing - Which I don't know what it is. Please, pray for my guidance. I'm scared. Please pray that the disease disappears. Thank you and God bless you

I've been out of work for 20 months.. and can't find a job... I'm homeless... staying here and there... i really need a job.
Victoria ky USA

We want you to all pray that our brother Arleigh finds himself a wife, and happiness this new year
The Boys from Mosquito & Red Phesent sk Canada

Please pray with us that we will find 2 miracle tickets, that we can afford, for my husband and myself to fly from Alaska to Namibia to visit my family this spring. Thanks, Maryna
Maryna AK USA

Please pray for my father who is ill; please pray he is healed. And help me with my bills. God Bless
sherry ohio USA

Please pay respects and pray for my ancestors and for my seedlings and for my friends and for me to travel and to return in a safe sacred spiritual journey. Please pray that I bring back a beneficial lesson and experience. Bless you all
William Seattle, WA USA

At age 45 I became disabled after being in a car accident which caused Traumatic Brain Injury. Despite all of the obstacles and much needed prayers another request is in order. I managed to somehow get through those obstacles and am asking for your help with more prayers. Since the injury to my brain is so severe common things now become difficult.I was able to become eligible for financial aid by selling what little I did have and was forced to sell my home .I now have nothing and in prayers are asking for help.
Annette Md USA

You know my prayers of which there are many
holly ohio USA

Her name is Alexis, she has lost everything she has loved the most in the past 7 months, and now she is hurt and can't find the courage to get up. She is scared to love anything for fear it will be taken away. Please pray she be completely healed. This means so much so me, i love her very much.
alex la USA

Please protect my family, friends, & pets..please help me at work, please let Josh find a good job, one that will make him happy...Please let me hear from Jeff & from Lee..Please help me with my many needs..Protect all those that need your protection.
Ronni CA USA

I would appreciate your prayers for total healing in my left breast and that the bleeding will stop completely.

Would like prayer for my family, home and business. We have a small business that is suffering financially, we are behind in several bills as well in our home life. Prayer for our daughter, Michelle (a senior) to have an excellent basketball season and to have a good college offer her a complete scholarship, a superior student. Prayer for our 5th grade son, Kevin, who had 3 F's on his midterm and is acting out in school and doing well. Prayer for continual loving family, home and marriage. Thank you very much
Cindi   USA

Please pray for Janice, she is in great need of healing in her Heart and Body. Thank You
Janice OH USA

That I will accept god's answer. That Mike will be shown god's mercy.
Karen PA USA

Please please pray for me. My name is Denise. I am 31 years old and a single mother of a 5 year old son named Nickoles. I am asking for help praying for me cause I am in love with the only man I have ever had a relationship with and I can't get him out of my heart I love this man very much - he is the father of my son.
Denise CA USA

Please pray for me. I have a theology exam Thank you
Vedi New York  

Please pray for Maria
joe ca USA

please pray for our little dog named angel marie - she is filling up with fluid and the vet gives little hope so please say pray for a miracle and for a little dog name ity bity - thank you
jane and larry tx USA

Please pray for Laura's sister-in-law. She had a baby and is now intensive care and has not woken from her coma. Her baby is fine weighing about 8 pounds.
Carol Fort Smith, AZ USA

To all members of NAC, I'd like to ask you to pray for my friend, Harvey Sr. He is going through a hard time right now with heart trouble. He is a roadman, father and he prays for all people, so please keep him in your prayers.
lawrence Washington USA

Please pray that Chris will recover from his coma and that he will not incur any brain damage
Angel   Canada

I am in desperate need of prayer for my husband who is addicted to crack cocaine. He wants to change for the better so badly, for myself, and for our two little girls. White medicine has done absolutely nothing, and we are in great need for a real cure. I have sought out shaman to get help from, but have been unable to find due to the fact I am unaware of other Cherokee in which I can feel connected to and learn from. Thank you to all who pray for us.
Andrea NC USA

Please pray for my mother, Cecelia, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She is taking a drug which causes remission in 15% of cases. She goes for a check on Jan. 20th. Please pray that if it's God's will, the drug would work for her, and cause remission of the cancer. Thank you for your prayers.
Christine HI USA

I am asking for a prayer request for my family. We have three children Lane, Miral and Creshawn. We are expecting another one in August and we would just like a family prayer for the new year. We believe that mother peyote is very powerful. Thank you and happy holidays From dines from AZ
Mr and Mrs S AZ USA

Please help me pray that I may have the strength to go on
Leah   Philippines

Please pray for my husband and me that I will finally get pregnant and we will finally be able to start our family.

Please prayer for all of the children and all the families devistated by the Tsunami. Please pray for my marriage.

I have just received a letter from the district attorney to have a hearing to set up child support. We have been really struggling financially, and filing for support was the last resort for me. But this is for our children, and the father does not understand that. Thank you for your prayers
Diane Texas USA

Please pray for me I am facing problems (debts, case, etc)
cfs   USA

Pain sickness and fear; I am requesting prayer as i am disabled and i need healing, mind, body and spirit and i lost my courage and confidence. please pray for me.
william florida USA

Please pray for my baby, Paige. She is in intensive care and needs prayers for good health and strength. Thank you.
yazmikne los angeles, ca usa

Please help me to pray for my brother's 7 children, that the social services will let me have them instead of them being adopted out to separate foster homes. I know it will be a hard road but i also know they will have God and lots of love in my home. And they will all be together.
billie KY USA

Thank you for my husband's salvation and to be a better father and a husband.
Elaine va usa

I ask for your prayers for Chris, that he will find peace, love & hope. Give him emotional strength, wisdom & courage to make the right decisions, to live the life. I ask for your prayers for me as well. God will bless me & my situation, financially, emotionally; give me strength, courage & wisdom.
Dianna CO USA

I would like prayer for our family, we are suffering in all areas, especially financially, and to help others. Prayer for my 5th grade son, who is acting out and had 3 F's from midterm. Prayer for my daughter to do especially well in basketball this season (her last in high school) and to have a good college offer her a scholarship. Prayer for continual loving marriage, home and family. Thank you very much.

for ashley to grow spiritually, prayer for my son chris to continue to receive favor from his basketball and football coaches
ashley KY USA

Please join me in prayer to trade in my bad habits and marry Tekia and a promotion at my employment.
Anthony   USA

Please Pray for my Ulcerative Colitis in abdomen - with bleeding to be healed. Please also pray for my skin condition and for my Job as I am having some serious trouble there and am in bad Debt.
Ephrem   USA

My siblings and I were orphaned when I was five and we were separated. My grandmother raised my sister and myself while my brothers were cared for by my great aunt and uncle. My grandmother suffered from diabetes and died when I was fifteen and I then lived with my uncle and his wife. I left home at eighteen and have never been able to get past bonding issues. Insecurity I guess... who knows?? My grandmother used to say that we have Blackfoot in our blood, but I have no way to verify it. Please pray to Christ, the Creator, the Great Spirit, Allah (all the same to me) that I feel at home in this body, on His good Earth, and that I can find my true path in this life.
Chis Houston, TX USA

Request a prayer for my sister Angel, who is diagnosed with cancer, and was told she has 10 months left to live. She is a member of the NAC.
songbirdwoman Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I would like to say to Ryan of Modesto, that I am also from Modesto. I truly wish I had the means to get you and your fiance on your feet. The only thing I can offer now is prayer. I know that the Salvation Army provides meals, etc. during the day. Their address is 635 "I" St. Social Services is at the same address. It has many programs available, and if they don't have it, they will know who does. Many programs are available to you. They are out there just for you two, and others that have fallen into the same circumstances in their lives somewhere along down the road. I will continue to pray for you and your fiance. Things will fall into place in the near future.

I am posting to this web site for a very close relative who is having surgery one morning this week. Please pray for her, and her family, that all will go well with surgery. Please pray for her, and to give strength to her family. They just can't have anymore bad news regarding their family. They are wonderful people, and need everyone to pray or them. Anyone reading this post, please pray for all of them. Thank you so much.

A. Modesto, CA USA

Please pray for my son Zachary, 18, who is addicted to a drug called Oxycottin, a powerful painkiller. I am so worried for my son and I have been for the longest time, getting no sleep, worrying he will overdose. My husband wants me to throw him away, if I don't, he will divorce me. I do not know what to do except pray. Please, I beg you to join with me in prayer for my son and the other people who also need prayer for many different reason: Louise, Perry, Lorinda, Jeremey, Misty, Hannah Danielle and Isabella, Pauline, Fred, Treasa & husband, Debbie, Brenda, Veronica, Travis, Henry, Leita, Gina, Andrew. Please pray for us. Thank you and God Bless you.
Lorinda IN USA

I would like to request a prayer for strength and for healing. I am in a relationship where things go wrong very often, an abusive one, and I am in need of strength to stand up and/or leave it. I pray that god will keep me and my children safe and give me the strength to continue to complete school on time. I would like to pray that god sends someone in my life that can be a godly life partner that will know how to mentor and to set a good example on how to love a woman and take care of her not continue that drama my children see me go through. I would like to pray for strength for both myself and V and what is needed to make things right or to walk away.
natalie mo usa

Pray that I get back to my kids soon in penn. I came in for court and have to wait for money to get back
John Norman, OK USA

my father mr ramesh met with an accident on 29th september which lead to serious brain injuries. he had brain surgery on 1 october. from the day of accident till about november 10th he was in semi-comatic state and disoriented. he was discharged from hospital on 22nd nov. now he has lost his memory and has become weak. he was operated for HEART BYPASS operation twice earlier. his blood pressure is also not stable. we are also in financial crisis due to the cost of operation, medicine and hospitalization. please pray that my father gets his memory back fully and recognizes us, and is once again fit to leave independently. let ur prayer eliminate all traces of injuries and illness from his body please...............we need ur prayers badly
hemant mapusa, goa India

please pray for me. please pray for me to lose weight. i need a weight loss miracle. please pray that i get my life straightened out. please pray for the happiness and safety of my loved ones. please pray that good things start happening for us. please pray for lance. he needs emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial help. thank you all so much!
janice ky usa

Please help me with my self esteem. It has been a problem for so long.
lin   USA

Please pray that my family receives financial freedom and relief from all current and future debts. Please give us hope/health/wealth/and happiness. Thank you for all your help and prayers.
Sherry Beverly Hills, CA USA

I ask you to please pray for my husband and myself. I think that I might be pregnant. With the way I am feeling, I feel as if it is a tubal pregnancy. I had a tubal a few years ago and want so much for this not to be, so we can have the family we want so badly. So please pray with us, so we will finally get this blessing into our lives.
Tara   USA

My prayer request in for my fiance and I, We have been struggling to the point of distruction. We have been fighting to live our lives right and start a family. In the past month I have lost my job, my lady lost her grandma who was like her mother and we are being evicted from our home we fought so hard to have. We aren't bad people, we just wanted to start our lives over together so we could be better to people and get up on our feet. I thought this year I would feel the Christmas feeling, but all I feel is more misery and thoughts of my fiance and me being homeless. Please pray that everything will be fine for us and that we can finally enjoy our lives with each other and strengthen us so we to can help everyone we can who might be in our situation. Bless all who pray for us.
ryan modesto, ca usa

please pray for my father Rick and his salvation. he has cancer and desperately needs blessings. pray he'll recover through gods will thanx
tyler ca usa

My 12-year-old son, Kyro, is having a nervous breakdown. We moved from the US to Belgium to be with my mother who has pancreas cancer. I have had to sign him up to a french speaking school when he could not say a single word of french. He misses the states a lot and lately his behavior at school has gotten worse. Today afternoon, he tried to hang himself while at school. They will put him in a special institution if he does not get out of this depression. He also takes medications to help him with the depression but nothing seems to work. I am a single mom and I need all the help I can get. I can't abandon my mother when she needs me the most and I can't let my son hurt any longer and take the risk of loosing him. Please pray for my son......I just don't know what to do anymore... God bless you all!
Nathalie   Belgium

Please pray for healing and a miracle (or even lead us to the proper medicines/herbals to cure her if there is any on Earth) for my mother Erlinda who lives in Hawaii so she can be completely cured of her cancer. She was diagnosed on November 19th of a very serious cancer called melanoma. The cancer has spread to her head (doctors found 3 tumors in her brain) and a spot in her lungs. Thank you very much for your prayers and praying with us for my mother and believe that she will be cured and be given a second chance in life by God. We believe in the power of prayer and the miracle and healing wonders. Let there be peace and harmony on Earth.


Our son is homeless with no job and he is staying with us. He and his father do not see eye to eye. His father is kicking him out. I am caught in the middle and it makes me very sad. Please pray for my husband and son to have love for one another as I have for both of them.

Please let Ryan sleep well again tonight. Thank you for helping him last night. And please help my step-grandma. She has cancer. Let her be happy. And let her go to the best place possible after death. Same for my grandma and grandpa. Help my dad through their deaths.
Ceit   USA

Pray for my father, Jose Sr., who is terminally ill with cancer at this time in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The best father anyone could ever have. He is 61 years of age. He was diagnosed with cancer on his prostate and later it spread to the lungs and liver. I pray and I asked for everyone to please pray for my father. I ask God to keep him on this Earth alive, because he has much to accomplish in life.
Jose Jr. PA USA

I am a single mother of 3. After being out of work for 10 months, I was interinterviewed with a nice company. Please pray that it went well and that it is a mutually good match. Please pray that the Lord will provide for my family in our time of need, especially during the holiday season.
Latha   USA

I must hold my head high and claim what is my right under the Creator. I have taken a oath of poverty in inocence. I weep for all the people and am ashamed that we can hate ourselves so much as to bring our early demise. There is wisdom in age. I would be honored to hear some elder wisdom. I pray for this in hopes to bring prayer alive.
Jibbet MO USA

Please pray for my son Jason. He has a court date dec. 21. Please pray that the case against him is dismissed so that he may get on with his life. He is such a sweet, kind man, thank you

I would like to thank those who invited me into the tipi, Balaam and Kate, Bodi, Roberto and Avi, Giles and Beth-ani, Henry, Jimmi and Ruby, and especially Miranda who showed me how much love is real in this world and those surrounding us. a-ho
Anthony CO USA

Stephen is seeking coming to the United States. The Lord has opened the door. Let him love freely. Pray our marriage foundation be one of commitment and free flow of love.
Stephen & Lynne   India

Please pray for Joe's salvation and reconcilation of our marriage. Thankyou so much!
Karmen GA USA

Please pray that my wife will come back to me wholeheartedly. Please pray that the Lord touch our hearts with love which never fails, hope and peace. Thank you so much for the prayers. God bless
alan   singapore

Please dear Lord you know what my heart has been asking for & praying for. Please help me, my family, friends, & pets. Please let me be happy.
Ronni CA USA

Pray for me so that my UK visa re-application will come out successfully and i be granted visa
lawrence   Nigeria

please pray that God will show me mercy and favor in getting a new job - protect Sandy who is helping me get a job
celene pa usa

Freedom for all without bloodshed.
Jibbet Overland, MO USA

I offer my prayers to all of you in need. May all of you have a wonderful holiday and your prayers be answered! This is the most wonderful site I have ever come across, Thank You! I would like to offer a prayer to mother earth for she is in great need of all of mankinds help! Please pray for all of the unfortunate children and families that are in need during these winter months! Many Blessings!!
Holly IL USA

I pray for my sister's wedding, which has not yet occured, so that my family will be alright.
jyothi kerala india

Please pray for our sickly mother earth, we also need to pray for people all over the world that are enslaved and have no rights or freedom. Let us pray that someday we will not need government to tell us how we will have to live our lives. We need unity, love, health and happiness to guide us through our short journey here.
Lorne delray beach, fl usa

I give thanks for the opportunity to experience divine responsibility, divine forgiveness, divine worthiness and divine unification. aho.
yellowbear reno, nv usa

My people, I am requesting a prayer for my mother and sister today. I returned to my reservation to find hopelessness in their eyes. After loosing her first born son only a month old to SIDS, my little sister has turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with her emotions. The kids in her high school are whispering awful rumors about her and she no longer has the desire to learn. My mother has also fallen into her old ways, thinking that by finding a man and drinking is the only way she can find love. I have also heard her speak these words to her mother, my grandmother, at the kitchen table during the morning of thanks giving. I need help to be strong and set and example for them in their time of need. I have no one else to ask except the creator and you, my people, to help me with my prayers.

Please join me to pray to our CREATOR for Peace on the Earth, to pray also for the health of my parents, and a prayer for my husband who has been without a job for about year. I pray for him to find a job soon where he is going to develop his professional and personal skills, and where he can help our society. Thanks, and Blessings
Claudia   USA

Please pray for my family which is going through a lot right now. Help my family to stop drinking and getting torn apart. Let us all come back together and let us all be a family again. Like it use to be. May we all stay away from harm and have us all walk in beauty with our father sun and mother earth. Thank You!!
Chell NM USA

With permission, I am going to provide care for some endangered wildlife. I wish to protect the earth and I am asking for your prayers. Thank you.
Elliott Darien, IL USA

Please keep in prayer Manuel Jr, for a merciful outcome in his trifle moment, and lots of compassion for the people involved with his situation. Thank you.
Cynthia Texas USA

I'm asking for a special prayer so I may get myself back on the right road of happiness through the native american church. Lately, things haven't been going right for me, but everyday I try to be positive with myself and that's the best I can do. May you all walk on the path of happiness of the everlasting road. aho

My fiancee was recently assaulted and raped...with injuries to her body.....I am praying that she will fully recover, and that she will join me in new york where we are to live together and get married,,along with having a family. I fear for her safety in chicago and i just want here to be protected against any evil or bad things from happening to her... we are madly in love with each other. please pray for us.


please pray for a relationship to continue and to work out and to result in love happiness
jennifer baskerville, va usa

Please Help Me To Live A Better Life, And To Succeed.
Annmarie Colombo Srilanka

That the judge could find mercy in his heart and not give him the max in time.
Justin VA USA

Please pray for me. I need a good job with good benefits.
John Toccoa, GA USA

I would like prayer for Marcel that God would continue working his life. I pray that God would give him strength to stand for what is right even in the face of adversity.
Latrice San Diego, CA USA

Please pray for me and my fiancee. Please pray that our sacred bond is strengthened in each other. Please help me to fulfill myself and allow me to not be a waste of organs and tissue. Please pray for the Divine to guide me to truth and development. Please pray that I get into college with as little amount of bills as possible.
Brian Oklahoma City, OK USA

offer prayer
ashiq faisalabad - punjab pakistan

Please pray for my younger sister. She is 15 and is suffering from a crippling form of arthritis. She has chronic pain and low energy. Please pray for complete healing. Thank you.
Elliott Darien, IL USA

I am requesting a prayer for my family and I. Two years ago we lost our aunt and six months later we lost our grandfather. I know it has been that long but we still miss them each and every day. Although it has been hard at times, we find strength in each other to get through the day. May the Creator keep us strong and live from day to day. I pray that my family and I find the paths the Creator has made for us. Keep us from harm and may we all walk in beauty. haagoonaah
cher gallup, nm usa

please pray for a relationship to continue and to work out and to result in love and happiness
jennifer baskerville, va usa

Please pray for Jennifer, she has much stress. Please pray that she will be the best Nurse that she can be. Thank You

please pray God will get rid of my burn out thanx
royy jakarta indonesia

Pls pray for me my forty days fasting prayer for paying back my debts

The Creator has given me many gifts, of which recently I have become more aware, I am asking for a prayer to be able to learn more and to use these gifts for the benefit of others. Right now as a family, we are in a stagnant position that rely's on my husband to change it, I ask to pray for my patience and insight and his courage, self confidence, and guidance, so that we may continue to keep stepping forward.
  Tucson, AZ USA

My prayer is for ALL my Native brothers and sisters to stop fighting over who's an Indian and who's not. I don't believe the Great Spirit is pleased with how we treat one another based on skin color. I believe we are one in His sight. Amendi ski Amen
Song Philadelphia, PA USA

I ask that you pray for me to help me remove this weight from my heart and, the sickness from my body, and the confusion in my mind so that I may know myself again. Pray that I may finally find peace within myself so that I may resume life's path.
Mark Daytona Beach, FL USA

-that i will no longer hear the "motor-like" sound in my hearing so that i can obtain sleep without the aid of sleeping pills -that my son will soon obtain a good paying job
bernice   USA

I would like to pray for a miracle request to reunite me with my fiancee who has not been in contact with me since 8 months ago. He had gone to a foreign land and promised to contact me once the dust had settled. But to date I received no news from him and am very stressed and sad that something bad might have happened to him. Be he in great danger or in great trouble which I do not know. I too do not know where to find or contact him for he leave no words about it. I am so very depressed and worry for his well being if he is fine and is well. I wish to be reunited with him soonest possible. And I know with God nothing is impossible. I pray that my prayer request be answered AMEN. My hurt and sadness will be healed soonest if God willing and that I hope he is well and able to contact me I hope a miracle will work soon!!! AMEN
Janice   Malaysia

Thanks for your help for my prayer request to your ,that you will pray my difficult sake into victory and more the power. Loving, keijo, sweden
keijo   Sweden

I need a MIRACLE. I am 48 years old and since I was 42 I have been in this wheelchair. Six long, hard years I have had to live with this. I do not want to be an invalid anymore. I want to be able to take care of myself and not have to depend on anyone for anything. I want to be independent and I do not want to be a burden on my son as I have been for the past six years. Eric, my son has a job and we were very happy for him to find a job. It turns out that he is suppose to be to work by 8:00 am. However, even though he gets to work at 8:00, he does not start getting paid until he gets to the first job. He also works overtime every single day, and he is not paid overtime. This is just not right when he is bringing home around $200.00 a week for all the hours that he works. I need the help financially and he does not have that much money to give me to help around the house. Also, he does not have any benefits from this job. Please pray with me for a financial Blessing. I am disabled and I need to find a job. Please pray that I find a job that pays well, with benefits. God Bless you all for praying for me and my son. Thank you for caring.
Martha Villa Rica, GA USA

please pray for a relationship to continue and to work out and to result in love happiness etc.
Jennifer baskerville, va usa

I ask a prayer for me and my becoming sweat husband so that God would let us meet in love. I am an EU citizen and the embassy denied a visa for me because I could not provide all the documents and said something wrong in the interview that I have a fiance and would like to work in the USA. This may prevent me arrive at USA and visit there as a tourist. They return so many of us at the airport without any reason. Please pray for me that the officers at the airport let me to come and meet my dearest.
suvi   Finland

I am facing severe financial problems. Debtors are surrounding me. I am working for good. But money is not coming to me ...I am wounded in mind... People reject me... family suffering .... I don't know what to do.. I am totally helpless... Let Your prayers strengthen me ....Thank you for your prayers..
Robert Kerala India

i would like everyone to unite in an offering to stop this pointless war ..and to those who support it to be un blinded to their ways and understand that all life is sacred!!!!!we must come to a healing point in this earth because greed technology money weapons corruption in the white house we are destroying our children's future everyone unite in the gathering of the tribes which is taking place now! AHO TO ALL MY RELATIONS ..united tribes 5th world!
hawk wichita, ks usa

Please pray for my sister Lori to recover from cancer. She is a mother of 4. Doctors say she is too weak to undergo treatment. Please remove the bad sprits from her body and bring her back to us. I believe that if she has a chance we must put it in the Great Sprits's hands. I don't think it is her time to take the journey yet. She has two young girls and two teenagers, and her husband. Please pray with us, Tim & Denee
Tim Ocala, FL USA

Peace & Blessings. I give thanks for all the healing love and blessings the most high has bestowed upon me. I ask for the strength to live freely and truly embody the light that the great mystery has placed within me. Help me to honor my sacred journey and never neglect the gift that it is my life. Help me to be at-one with all my relations and to be in harmony with all creation. May my family continue to be blessed and be healed of all that is not you. Ase' aho amen
Ayoluwa Philadelphia, PA USA

Please pray that I return to wholeness, remember who I am and my path in life, so I may go on to serve humanity, mother earth and all my relations with humility, love, joy, strength and divine inspiration.
Kate London UK

This is so hard for me to do. I would like to request a prayer for my youngest brother. A couple years ago we lost our father and just recently in February 2004, we lost our mother. Both our parents were members of N.A.C. My youngest brother conducted meetings when someone looked up to him for prayers and he was blessed to continue using my father's staff box. Lately, his life became a mess. Beer is his answer to life and loneliness. I know he is missing his parents. We as brothers and sisters we do not know how to talk to him. Please help with your prayers. His name is Ross. I just wish him well, and a better life.
Sherry USA

I would like to request a prayer for the well being of my family, my friends and myself. I have been so busy lately that I forget about doing a simple prayer to clear my mind and stress is taking over. I just want everything to be good with my family, school, friends and my financial situations.
L Tucson, AZ USA

I would like to ask you to help me pray. My companion can be a very mean man. I would like him to change. I love him lots and want to make it work. I feel alone and hurt. I pray at many ceremonies for him but he never seems to care what I do for him anymore. I bead and sew for him and I just want him to be an understanding person. I hope you can help me pray. AHO.
Prairie Canada

Please pray for my family's food and clothing needs.

I am a Nigerian who lives in France with lots of problems. 1) I don't have paper to work and I am living hand to mouth. 2)My family in Nigeria just experienced flooding and they lost all their belongings and at this moment they don't have anything. So I would like you to pray for divine miracle in my family and as you do God will bless everyone in need.
Fanny Paris France

I am returning to court Oct 25 and 28. I ask that everything go good so i may continue my education and be there for my family. I also give an offering for my friend Fred who is going through some hard times as a single father. Thanks to all who pray and honor the request of others and all who are lost be guided by the living light. To all my relations AHO!
hawk wichita, ks usa

I would like to offer a prayer for the people of Iraq. I pray that we will strive for a better future for all. I also would like to request, for anyone who might read this, to pray for a spiritual mentor to help guide me along my path toward healing. I have been searching for some time now, for some purpose and meaning, and a better understanding and relationship with the spirit within me. I am also concerned with the healing of our mother, Earth, and pray for all to be more cognizant of her well being. Thank you!
Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN USA

I just want to say Thank You, for my five beautiful children, for our lovely house, for health - for everything that has been given to us. And I wish that anybody on Earth who is in any kind of pain, will get some happiness and joy.
Katja   Sweden

I would like prayers and love to go out to my dear friend Molly who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. She is a very brave person and a single mom. I hope she will fully recover. Our whole town is praying for her and with her strong will to live I want a miracle to help her.
Jane Chico, CA USA

I am requesting prayer for myself to succeed in life. This is my first year in college and struggling in the academic area. Please pray for that I will overcome my struggle and help me: to focus and give me motivation and determination. I thank all those who pray and may God bless and hope each and every one of you find your ways through life. Thank you!
Shinethan Ogden, UT USA

I'm very grateful for Our Lord Blessing those Who are in great need of him, My Family and Myself with the Good Health, the Strength and for sparing our lives another day. I'm in immediate need for financial assistance.
David Columbia, MD USA

My name is Karen. I am Cree and Chipewyan from Albert, Canada and live in the southwest. I am requesting for others to pray for me to find a generous, honest, intuitive NAC man for me and need to find the right path to begin my search. Thanks, Karen
Karen Cottonwood, AZ USA

Thank God for that I can submit my prayer request here, and thank you for your prayer, may God bless you.
Firstly, please pray for my mother that was cheated last year, she went to a company and worked as an Office assistant, but they cheated my mother, and compelled my mother to give her money out to them (they cheated my mother that the money was used for investment, and the investment was failure) Please pray for that God can help the policemen in the investigation. Please pray for that God can move their heart that they cheated my mother, and they can have pity on my mother , and return the money back to my mother , thank you.
Secondly, please pray for that my brother was hurt his leg in the working place, please pray for that my brother can be rehabilitated soon, and he can be rehabilitated completely, and please pray for that he can be maintained in his job, please pray for that God can cure his leg, and protect his job, and give him good health, his boss will provide the sick leave fees for him till he totally restored his health, thank you.
Thirdly, please pray for that my mother hurt her knee , please pray for that my mother can be rehabilitated soon, and she can be rehabilitated completely, and please pray for that God can cure her knee, and protect her job, and give her good health , and protect her job, thank you.
Fourthly, Please pray for that I can improve my working efficiency, and please pray for and thank God can protect my family members and I will not to be hurt by my workmates and supervisors in order that I can have psychological health during working and I will have a stable job after my contract due, and pray for that I will not be suffered in the marital problems in my job, please pray for that I can further my contract as a Contract Office Support Assistant, I need this job very much, please pray for that God can have mercy upon me, and help me to keep the job after the end of my contract and further my contract for one more year, and please pray for and thank God for that I can have talent to do a job if I will not further the contract later, because I want to earn living for my family members.
And I am sorry for any inconvenience I made to submit my prayer request here.
David Kowloon, HK China

Please pray for my 10 mo. old Yorkshire Terrier, Scamp. He has had back problems, believed by vets to be a bulging disc. He is such a wonderful addition to our family!
For Scamp OHIO  

I need help to obtain 1 laptop,1 cell phone and 1 pda. Thank You
Chirtes Reghin, Mures Romania

I would like to request prayers for peace of spirit and heart. Healing in the wake of the tragic death of a dear family member. It has been two months past. Also strength and wisdom that I will be able to guide my granddaughter (age 5) and daughter on right paths. My granddaughter will dance at her first Pow Wow in a couple of weeks. I pray that her heart will be filled with Creator's love and she will dance with joy. Aho
Michele Auburn, WA USA

I would like to ask for prayers for a good meeting, this Sept. 18th, in Kamloops for myself and my family.....I ask for prayers for a good life for my companion and myself. I ask for prayers in a good way for a baby to be born to us....I thank The Creator and Maskeegee for my life today, and all the goodness through this medicine...... Carolyn
Carolyn Kamlops, BC Canada

The klamath tribes have put together a treatment program for native youth - please pray for the right warriors to bring the message that is needed to be heard
ochoa klamath falls, or USA

I would like to request a prayer because there are many people and the Earth itself suffering.
Wendy Aracata, CA USA

I have been out of work for nearly 2 years. Please pray that doors for meaningful employment are open, and I find peace in a new apartment.

Please pray for my son. He needs a place to live and has a 3 yr. old, and he wants her to live with him ,or with me. I pray to find a bigger house to be able to have my son and his child live with me or to have his own place. Thanks
Theresa san antonio, tx usa

Please pray for me so that the government workers and all the people who work in this office that can help me will and do their jobs and paperwork and accept my request for a transfer. Many people say that it is very difficult if not impossible - but with God maybe it is. The town that I am living in at this time, because of circumstances beyond my control, I am really suffering. Thank you.
Paul Fulda Germany

I pray for a financial miracle, I need one. Thanks
Dorothy   USA

aho i am going to court sept 2nd and currently a full time student. i ask that everything goes ok with court so i can continue my education ..also i ask that my spirit can grow stronger on the red road so i can achieve full spiritual potential thank you to all who honor the request of others and may everyone's prayers be answered. i also pray for all who are lost on the demon water and other destructive vices.. to all my relations....AHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hawk wichita, ks USA

I just like for the Native Americans in the military to be safe. I have a cousin out there and I just want her to be safe and make sure she comes home to us. May god bless you all!
Kendra Las Vegas, NV USA

I request this prayer for all the lost people... I live between people full of anger, and I pray for them. I hope that they will find their way, as I have. I dream of a world where humans and animals can live in harmony with earth... Can this happend?? I pray for it...
Line   Denmark

I would like to ask for a prayer for my children. I drink too much and have had trouble with cocaine. The pain and guilt in my life for the pain I and my addiction to these substances have caused. I beleive that the creator in his glory can and will help; the more prayers the better. Thank you for your thoughts.
Frankie IN USA

I pray that everyone can obtain what they need. I Pray for peace and love to change the mind of people who hate.
Flavio   Italy

Please bring my wife to love me as I love her.
Steve VT USA

For my dad. My parents recently ended a 38-yr. marriage and both had a hand in it. But this is for my dad who suffers from depression. May he find in life again, peace joy & happiness , may he find there is plenty in life to live for & that his kids & grandson are there for him. May he also find the faith he had that has been buried deep in this heart.

I hereby send the following prayer request; (1) A prayer for my father to have promotion at his place of work (2) prayer for my exams, for a hugh success (3) pray for me to prayerful (4) prayer for me , family, friends and relatives that we shall all live to reap the good seeds we sow. especially, we shall be what we wanna be in life such like being, a medical doctor , accountants, lawyer, ambassador for the creator.
richard port harcourt nigeria

Please allow the union between us (Guy & Yamiyah) to come into its own, naturally, and an entity which will help others who encounter us. Thank you.

Please pray for Luis's complete recovery and healing! Amen
Fernelly Glendale, CA USA

Please pray for me to find employment. It is very difficult to find a job in this country and I am starting to wonder if I will ever find a job. I would love to get married and have children.
Audrey Windhoek Namibia

Today I prayed for change. I need guidance in my life. Desires, Needs and Wishes granted. I want to lead a good life. I would like a prayer for me. Thanks for your kindness.
Shawn Gatineau Canada

I ask you help me. I am depressed and broken hearted. I am very confused right now. I have been hurt too much. I ask you to open the door for me get new job and get away from certain people. I pray that you make a way for me when there seems no way. You know the desires of my heart. I do not know how much more I can take. Please answer and deliver me soon.

Please pray for me and my husband. He acts like he doesn't want to be married. Please let whatever happen come to pass soon as I'm hurting and tired.
carolyn   usa

With your blessings my husband Rakesh got his residence permit to work in the new co. at Kuwait. Help him in getting his driving license as he will apply for it next week. Please continue to shower your blessings upon us and help my husband to take out my and our daughter saachi's family visa and in our smooth relocation to Kuwait as I am in India and yet to join my husband in Kuwait. Help me to find a half day job in Kuwait of your choice to help my husband in his finances. Please deliver me from all the erratic health problems I face every other day as this is the only weakness in me that keeps me away from praying and from keeping up with my faith. Please fulfill my dream of starting the Esther prayer group in Kuwait.
reema new delhi india


 i request a prayer for all the lost brothers and sisters..that they may one day see the power of the earth and return to the old ways one day we will share victory in the 5th world..
to all my relations AHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 bear claw  wichita, ks  USA

 My husband is very much in need of healing and deliverance. He is in a rehab now for an addiction to pain medication and mental illness (because of the pain medication). My heart is broken. This man has a wonderful kind heart but a cruel disease. The burden is so very heavy and there is need for healing in my heart also.
 LaQuetta  Tx  USA

 My dad (Richard) is scheduled for brain surgery. He has a brain tumor. Please pray that God will give him a complete recovery..Thanks,
 Bryan  New Bloomfield, PA  USA

 I would like to offer a prayer for the NAC of Charles Mix County and the officers and congregation for their efforts to build a new church May the Creator bless you and hope all your dreams come true. Amen
 Tonya  SD  USA

 God sent a special young lady into my life after months of prayer. Our prayer is for guidance.
 John  USA

 Please pray for what God has put his word into my spirit will become a reality. thanx for your prayer. i love you. God bless
 victor  jakarta  indonesia

 I wish that in a year, I leave and have a very fun and successful Navy career. And let the one I love be happy in whichever route she chooses.
 Peter  Coon Rapids, MN  USA

 Hi, please help me pray for my wife's weight which has started causing her physical problems. I pray that God may bless her with the strength and endurance to start her diet and exercise again and be able to keep doing it, and I pray for insights and ideas for me to help her through it and keep her going. Thanks a lot!
 Richard  Minneapolis, MN  USA

 I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy and prayers out to the family of Jerome Frank. Me and my family just heard that he passed on last week. He was a good roadman and medicine man. He did a prayer for my mom one time and I am thankful to him for that. May he rest in peace and may his family be blessed at this time.
 Native Girl  Flagstaff, AZ  USA

 Please pray that I will become a more bold and confident speaker and find a full time job very soon.
 Crystal  Washington, DC  USA

 Offering: My spirit speaks to Native spirits everywhere on this continent. I do not know my Native inheritance, although I know it exists. The dark-eyed orphan deep within me hears the drums. She begins to chant a tribal song in a child's soprano...But stops in deep despair. I don't know the words. Who were my people? How can I ever find them? My heart aches and yearns to belong...To know the answer When they ask me "Who is your mother?"
 Jeremiah  Bemidji, MN  USA

We thank our creator for another day of life on this beautiful mother earth. We must never forget to love our little brothers and sisters -- the animals, fishes, birds, trees, grasses and each other. I especially wish to give thanks to the creator for letting me give this prayer. niawenkowa
two hawks utica, ny usa

Creator, please enlighten those who disrespect our church, themselves, their families and our families and give them positive direction in their lives so that they can help themselves, their families and other persons. Please help us to make our prayers active and make positive actions for our future and our children's future through education.
Fred Marina, CA USA

First of all, I hope that all prayers get answered and may the Great Spirit be with all of you. I, myself would like to request a prayer for my baby brother who is away from home right now, he is in Ft. Knox, KY and will be graduating from the ARMY at the end of the month. May his journey through life be a beautiful one and may the Great Spirit protect and guide him as he continues his journey. Bless my father and mother through this hard time away from their son, and bless my family and give them strength as they continue their journey through life as well. I request a prayer for my grandmother, may she be with us for a long time, she is recovering from heart surgery and will be going home soon, we will miss her. I request a prayer for my two beautiful, precious sons, may they go through life with a sense of peace and well being and my boyfriend whom I have been with through tribulations and good times for fourteen years. And last but not least, myself, may I walk in peace and beauty for the rest of my life and I thank the Great Spirit for giving me my life, my family and knowledge as I finish up my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. We will be having a peyote meeting for my brother when he returns home in our new teepee which my grandmother has made, may it hold strong and have plenty of good peyote meetings in it. I cannot express myself enough through words but may all of you travel through life with peace and your loved ones as well. God Bless.
Sherrie Flagstaff, AZ USA

I request a prayer for the healing of my son Bertolt. Oh great spirit help me. Give me the power to heal him or bring about something for his healing! Bless my family with harmony! Bless my soul with peace and a purified Heart. For all my relations!
Humberto Saltillo - Coah Mexico

Creator, I thank you for delivering me and my husband from this long wait for my husband's work visa to Kuwait. Please continue to shower your blessings upon us and help us in our smooth relocation to Kuwait. Please help me to find a respectable job there as I want to help my husband in his finances and to plan a good future for our daughter Saachi. Please fulfill my dream of starting a prayer group in Kuwait.

i am confused about the direction of my spiritual search and pray for guidance about how to proceed next. i am being pulled toward the Creator but i stand at a crossroads now, unable to detect where i should go next, as if i was in a dense fog. i am seeking guidance.
steve evanston, il usa

I request you to from the depths of my heart to heal me thru the miraculous healing prayers and powers. I'm suffering terrible from intense fear and intense anxiety which has lead me to into deep depression. I am having many health problems. I have tried all medicines but that too is not getting me out of this. Now, I think only the lords mercy n grace n power n blessings, can help me to be out of this. Please help me thru ur prayers. Please bless my house, my family and bless that i get my life partner soon. From, Rajeev
rajeev mumbai - maharashtra india

Please pray for Ovilah that she will let God change her life.
Scott j, GA USA

Pray my brothers and sisters that if it is along God's wonderful will if He will reconcile my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. God bless you always, Dutch
Dutch Plainville, CT USA

To be delivered from panic attacks and to find a job very soon.
crystal washington, dc usa

I thank the Great Spirit for the food on my table, the roof over my head and my daughter. Please keep us safe. I pray that the people who try to do harm will fall into harmony instead.
Amy Finland  

I would like to request a prayer for my well-being because I have not been doing too well. I have been depressed. I have been going through hard times these past several weeks with tough financial situations and school. I want everything to be okay with me spiritually, mentally and physically. I need spiritual guidance and I want my mind to be clear of confusion. I turned to alcohol for a bit there and it did not help me feel better, it just made me someone I am not and a friend has been hurt by it along the way. I just want everything to work out for me this summer and next school year. I am grateful for my life and I would also like to request a prayer for my family; my parents, my grandparents, my brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, nieces and nephews, and friends. Thank you.
M Tucson, AZ USA

I pray for guidance for myself and my family. I pray to the Creator to guide me, and show me my purpose. I'm trying to learn more about my culture everyday. I pray to the Creator to help me stay strong. I feel my ancestors in me strongly. If you can keep me in your prayers I give great thanks
alicia modesto, ca usa

My brother is always mad. He drinks a lot. My mom lets him do whatever and does not talk with him. I am his older sister and he still treats me like he did that night when he threw me around. I know there is a higher being. I have gone into meetings since I was a kid until 2 years ago, I had my own meeting run for me. From that meeting I was healed. I work each day to bring something good to myself and my family. My family has not experienced the power of the Great Spirit. I want my family to be respectful for each other and learn to be a family again. god bless you.
Cheryl AZ USA

Please pray for the healing of Brian and Mika. May each fulfill their unique potential.
Mika St. Paul, MN USA

I want you to pray for me so I listen to my mom and everyone else and hope my court goes good! thanks! Arlinda
Arlinda blanding, ut usa

Please pray for Alyssa who is rebellious and having severe emotional problems. Pray for her healing. Pray also for Joey who has ADD.
Debbie Pequannock, N.J. USA

pls. pray for me that I stop pulling my hair forever and that it grows back and very fast and thick. Pls. pray for my daughter who lives with us, that she finds a job very soon. Pls. pray for her that she is very compassionate. Pls.pray for my youngest son, that he graduates in high school with honor and also that he is very compassionate. Pls. pray for my newly husband that he is forever in love with me and compassionate with everything such as generous with his monies, affectionate, passionate, kindness and understanding towards me. Pls. pray for him that he is also compassionate with my kids. Pls. pray for me that I am completely bless with abundance of pure happiness, spiritual qualities, and peace and everything I have in life.
Evangleine Las Vegas USA

Please pray for a cure for my allergies. Thank you very much.
Anthony San Antonio, TX USA

Aho, Brothers and Sisters, I pray for healing of my son who is suffering of mental illness, and for the healing of my daughter, who suffers of a bulimic nutrition disease, may the Great Spirit, the supreme Being, bless my family, and dissolve this suffering, may God help me to purify my heart and share love, respect, and wisdom to all, for all my relations
Humberto Saltillo, Coah Mexico

I'm in need of many prayers for my bad health. I have nerve damage from my neck down and I have had seven back surgeries in the past year. I'm 31 and a mother of four children. I have been fighting this battle for two years now and my wish is to hopefully one day get better so I can continue to be a wife and mother. Ah ho to those who save a prayer or two for my children, my family, and I. thank you

Tiya Lawton, OK USA

to have a holy blessed peaceful death in heavenly light to sleep when i die
mary   USA

Please pray for my health. I have been suffering from severe hot flashes
Reema New Delhi India

Mother is dying of Cancer. Any prayers are greatly appreciated.. Peace be with you all.
Eric Miami - FL USA

I am requesting a prayer of guidance and peace as I am recovering physically but not spiritually from a severe injury. Let me be open to new opportunities for spiritual revelation. I give blessings to my sisters.
cathy monte vista - colo usa

I ask Grandfather to take away all my darkness, those that I know and those that I don't, and I ask for help.
Aho Mitakyue Ousin - all my relations, thank you
kim fountain valley - ca usa

Tony of the Navajo Nation requests our prayers. He is imprisoned awaiting trial. The Great Spirit has provided healing to many of our brothers and sisters through him. Now he needs our prayers to support him during this particularly difficult time.
sharon laurel - md usa

I pray for guidance for each one of us everyday. My children are taking the wrong path through life and my husband is ready to abandon us all. I pray each day for the Great Spirit to let itself be known to my children and my husband. I pray for guidance, calmness, inner peace, forgiveness, and spirituality. I pray for them to see the light of the Creator and reach for it. Help me to pray in many voices besides just my own as I read all of your prayer requests and pray for all of you too. For I believe that each one of us alone is a prayer to be heard and all of us together is a choir to sing praises. In all sincerity, Pasquala
pasquala Johnson City - TN USA

Please pray for Raymond, as Raymond is in need of URGENT prayer and needs a MIRACLE in his life. Thank you for your immediate prayers for Raymond.
mike ca USA

I ask for all to pray for all - this world of ours is hurting, and not just the people but all who live here. The Great Spirit put us here to take care of each other. What reason shall we give when The Great Spirit asks why we did not. I pray we all wake up soon - before it is too late. I pray for all our eyes, hearts, minds, and souls to be opened and awakened. Peace and love to all!!!!
Dorothy Salem - OR USA

A friend in Nashville is in need of Prayer for her aging mother who recently had a bad fall. Please speak with the Great Spirit and ask for a speedy recovery, and many more happy summers of life for her.
TC Las Vegas - NV USA

Please pray for my father. The doctor has said that he has a heart problem and he needs an angiogram soon, also he is taking some tablets which are to be taken on a SOS basis. Please pray that he may not need those tablets at all from now onwards. Thank you Creator for helping in my fathers recovery towards a complete and robust health condition and, that now enough is enough and that there may be no crisis, just a simple solution. Thank you for praying for me.
Ajendra Varanasi INDIA

Please pray for my cousins Jessica, Cindy and Ladonna, and their father Curt. Thank you for your prayers.

I would like to be healed of my skin disorder and move forward into my preaching ministry.
crystal wash - dc usa

I respectfully ask you to pray with me for our brothers the dolphins. So many are in captivity and many suffer and die needlessly and without thought. We are all part of the Great Spirit. Even the least of these...
Claudia Linz Austria

Hello, I'm requesting prayers for my relationship with Kathy. I love her very much and want our relationship to go to the next level of strength and commitment.
Jim Fla - USA  

I have a sister in the Army, stationed in Korea. Is there a prayer that she can say to help keep her mind clear, pray for strength, courage and to sleep restfully? Her mind is going a mile a minute and she hasn't said her prayers daily. With your help, I can send her this prayer to keep on hand to say herself each day. Please help. Thank you.

I'm asking for prayers for my father and mother who have brought me up in this wonderful church. As part of my appreciation, I just would like prayers done for strength and happiness upon them as they go through their stressful times. Thank you and may the creator bless you all!
Thoreau NM USA

Please Pray for my Brother Bobbie. He is very, very sick with Lupus and in the last stages of it. He needs saved most of all. He is only 44yrs.old. They have started Chemotherapy on him, but he is not doing well with it. He needs Salvation and a Miracle!!!!!!!!- Sincerely, Mary
Sissonville WV USA

I respectfully request support for my sister who is incarcerated for a long time now and has six more years yet. The institution does not allow ceremony there. Her name is Pamela. Thank you sisters and brothers, for your illuminations and your kindness.
Anchorage AK USA

I am asking the Creator to give me the strength to live my life the way he wants me to. I pray that we can overcome the corruption that is eating away at our souls. I am part Cowichan from British Columbia, and part Mexican Indian (not sure which tribe). I hope to find happiness in the simple ways of my Native peoples. I ask for prayers of support, and give my prayers that all those who have faith will be blessed and one day meet the Great Spirit.
El Paso TX USA

Please pray for the Creator's healing for Jim from pancreatic cancer and to live a longer life on earth; for God's continued healing of Pauline from dementia and maintain a healthy heart and live a long, long healthy and happy life on earth; for Ruthie and Larry to be healed from fibromyalgia and any other illnesses. And that Jeff will get a good job.
Thank you, larry
Omaha NE USA

My name is Patrick, please pray for me. I am extremely sick and my head feels terrible right now. May I do well academically and socially.
Elmhurst NY USA

This is my desprate prayer request as a mother for my son, Jonathon. He needs to pull his grades up in order to pass the 7th grade. He can not fail, the end of the school year is close and he is in need of a miracle. I held him back in the 4th grade, had him tested for learning disabilities, but there are none. He studies, but has a hard time taking tests. Please pray that the Creator will move and he will bless Jonathon with knowledge, confidence, wisdom, ability to study and pass tests, and will have the mind of Christ.

I would like to request a prayer for Mohammed: that he be blessed to live both a happy childhood and a productive manhood in a peaceful Palestine.
Las Vegas NV USA

Please, pray for peace, health and strength. I travel around the world and need a lot of positive energy! Thank you!
Tucson AZ USA

I made an offer on a house please pray that the owner accepts it and that the money will always be there to pay for it.

I am asking for prayers for my wife Wileen (Navajo) and our newborn son Leander (Navajo/Tohono O'odham) born January 30, 2004, weighing 9lbs., 5oz. and 21" long; that they will return to health from the birth and to be strong until I return home from my deployment. I currently serve in the U. S. Navy, and I am home from an 8 month deployment to see my son for the first time. I ask that I return home safely to them. Thank you and God Bless.
Tucson AZ USA

I am asking that god brings many blessings to me and my kids. Let this year be a year of breakthroughs in my life. That I and my children will have what we need and all can become closer together.
walterboro sc usa

I am asking for healing in all ways physical, mental and spiritual.
palestine tx usa

I feel that everything has life at some level of consciousness wether it be a man, animal, plant or objects. Lately, I've been having dreams when I sleep that I haven't had since I was very little. In the dreams, I hear what I would call Native American chants, and they give me a feeling of great peace. Now that the dreams have come back it has me feeling the urge to again sing them. I do feel that prayer has power no matter what the religion is. I send prayers out regularly in hopes that some presence will hear them and give me guidance. It is for this reason that I am asking for your prayers for me to find the meaning of these songs coming from my heart. I greatly appreciate your time and wish peace upon you all.

Orlando FL USA

I'm asking the Creator to protect my family in this hard time we're having. We're asking for good fortune in our future and protection from any harm. So please bless us and guide us to the right path.
mesa az usa

I just wanted to ask for a prayer for my twin brother that one of these days he might find his right path.
Santa Rosa CA USA

Please pray for my husband who is an alcoholic and for me so that I may learn the path of the true people through the church's teachings and guidance. I am not a member but hope someday to become one so that I may learn true happiness and spirituality for which I have been searching all my life. Please pray for me to have the wisdom to choose the right path and to know what I must do about my future. Please pray for both of us.

Please pray for Vinny to get calls for work and Darrell to find a job soon.Also for Marshall.

Please pray for Chris to pass Anatomy and be retained in veterinary school.

I would like to send a blessing out to all creation tonight for it takes us all to make life what it is.
  Tennessee USA

Aho, Grandfather sky and Grandmother earth please help the population of the world realize all their potential and step out beyond themselves into the cosmic collection of our true being and shed our egos, so that we may continue to evolve and allow the earth to flourish before we destroy her....please allow everyone to awake from the terrible nightmare of greed and exude pure love into everything before this critical mass crumbles all that is beautiful and true.......I believe that we can do it.....bless us all with the truth...thank you grandfather and grandmother....wado
Longview WA USA

My wife and I lost our son on Oct 11th of 2001 (still born at full term) soon after that my wife's daddy died of Lou Gehrig's disease. Any love, guidance, prayers, or positive thoughts would be appreciated. Also, prayers for all of our family members will help us through these trying times.
Manchester TN USA

To the people of Four Bears, New Town, North Dakota. A Prayer. For the tree hangers. For the earth. Thank you Kyle, Ryan and Bernadine. From Scott in oregon. A prayer for the lungs of the people everywhere. A prayer for the plants that feed us. A prayer for strength for family. A prayer for the wilderness.
portland oregon usa

I am suffering from stomach problems and back problems and need healing . and momey to pay my rent.
Springfield MO USA

I need a job that pays a good wage. I am in a drug free living environment, and in order to keep it I need to work. I have been out of work about three weeks.
Escondido CA USA

I am praying for all my (3) children to have an appetite for LIGHT ... to reject dark things and dark people in their lives. My children are all scattered and they don't keep in touch with anyone ... not me, or each other. I thank you for your support -- I know prayer is very powerful, and even though I cannot speak with my children (don't even know where they are) physically, I know we can speak to their "higher self" and to their heart. Thank you again. A-ho, Dee
Seattle WA USA

I would like to request a prayer for my loving wife and our upcoming new born baby. Give us the strength and fulfill our lives with love and respect. And to our parents who support us in College and the life we have created. And to my strong loving family who cares for their fire place with respect, giving their support to others around the country. To all the NAC members thank you for your encouragement to live the way I do. THANK YOU..
And Not to forget my parents who have bad health, let them heal within themselves and continue on with no more pain. Thank You - Wms
Flagstaff AZ USA

I am about to join the military and I want to know if this is the right decision. I've been thinking about the other options I have and want to contribute to my people. So please pray for this warrior who is looking to better himself and his people, that he may find his way on the path of a true human being.
Sand Springs Oklahoma U.S.

I request a Prayer for the drug and alcohol addiction on my reservation. We have people that started young, now they are grandparents. We only watch our people destroy their whole lives. They miss their families growing, stop fishing and hunting, never enjoy holidays. They only live in the prison of the drug and alcohol addiction. I ask for a miracle to help my people.

I would like to request a prayer for my brother James who is terminally ill. My request is to the great spirit of infinite light & life, to take pity on my brother, & heal him of his illness & the causes for his illness, both spiritually, physically, emotionally& mentally if it's not too late, then I'll ask that while the Spirit heals my brother to heal all my relations who are ill and dying - if not physically possible, heal our hearts, that we may rid ourselves of all neg. thoughts & feelings which cause DIS-EASE...& separation between all our relations, causing wars & bad feelings among our nations. May the GREAT SPIRIT have mercy on my brother, (and every one of us), when the moment of death comes..& LEAD US.
montague ca usa

Prayer Request for our Family, the father of our 2 children, the baby on the way ~ and health to myself ~ We need guidance to help us with our children and to not fight ~ for our children's sake ~
Rainie USA

A prayer request for my school, and my life, having a hard time learning in school. which is collage. so that would be my request. thank you
Shiprock NM  

I would like to request a prayer for my collage at Crownpoint Institute of Technology and also for my family and myself. thank you
shiprock nm  

That I will be delivered from stage fright and shyness and lose 180 pounds. I am almost 35 and had these problems since childhood. I gave up for several years.
washington dc usa

hi, please pray for my brother Mikel. he is a man of faith that has helped many stay strong in the past but now he is getting depressed and losing his ability to relate to others and have compassion for them. please pray for him to find his hearts passions again and for him to go where his heart is telling him - thank you
Noble Oklahoma USA

I would like to have a prayer request for my nephew who has been in the hospital for the last 10 months with a spinal cord injury and won't be able to walk anymore, but anything is possible with our creator I strongly believe that. my nephew was really active in sports, played basketball, it hurts me to see my nephew just laying there helpless but I have faith in the Peyote way that someday he will be able to walk again and be with his family again...
San Carlos Arizona us

I would like to request a prayer for myself. I am 42 and had a stroke 12-2-03. I've been left with the right side of my body numb, and various side affects. I was an active member of the native american church in my past, and pray that I walk the red road once again. thank you. Bless All my Relations.
new orleans la usa

my prayer request is for my new relationship with my partner june. i would like god to watch over us and guide us in our journey. plus i am going to be starting school this coming january 5, 2004 and i would like god to open my mind and help me in my learning. thank you and may god bless you. john
cranbrook british columbia canada

money to buy food clothes and christmas gifts also money to pay my rent
detroit michigan USA

I would like to request a prayer for my family and myself through these difficult times, for we have lost a brother, son, grandson and friend in October. Bless my aunt for being strong, bless all my brothers and sisters, mother, father, aunts, maternal and paternal grandparents. Please give us strength through this holiday and bless me through my financial hardships and my finals. Thank you.
Tucson AZ USA

I give thanks to the Supreme Being and Creator of Life for my life and all my blessings, for my hardships because they teach me strength, for my world of beauty and wonder, it teaches me humility and it teaches me to cherish goodness. May people in this world teach their children respect for life force in every form as it is a creation of His who can do no wrong. Blessings to all who read this.
damascus PA USA

Open my eyes to recognize the teachers and guides I long for to take me deeper on my spiritual path. Open my life paths that I will encounter the one or ones who will guide me.
Cookeville TN USA

Mother Earth needs our help...we have for too many years used and abused Her...In order to be a more effective instrument to help heal the Earth, I went to graduate school and studied forestry...not to learn commercial forestry, but to learn how to preserve those sacred places. I then chose to move even further forward and pursue a PhD so that I might be able to better effect policies that would protect our "Home." Now, I am at a very critical juncture in this plan and I desperately wish to succeed in this endeavor. It is for these reasons that I ask for the prayers of all of you...I have been praying and making my offerings to Spirit...please, include me in your prayers that I may achieve these goals...
Fayetteville AZ USA

Please help me
Bangalore Karnataka INDIA

I am suffering from really bad allergies and a chemical imbalance, which is causing anxiety. Please pray that I will be healed
New Bloomfield PA USA

I pray for wisdom from the creator to help me on my spiritual journey. I have found some peace in the native american belief. Bear Heart's book has helped me a lot.. I wish to know more of spiritual gatherings in my area. I pray for peace of mind and that the creator will guide me in the right direction. I pray for all who have anxiety and health problems and that the creator help us to be strong through our troubles.
Cookeville TN USA

I want to give a prayer of thanks to the creator for sparing my son and his friend's life. They were on the way back from a ceremony in Idaho when a deer bolted in front of them. Miracle no one was hurt! Thank you, with all my heart. He and his sister are all i have in this world. thank you for keeping him safe so he can continue to sing his beautiful songs in your praise..for his people for his family for the world. Grateful mother.
Albuquerque nm usa

i would like to say a prayer for all of mankind. Father, please watch over your children and bless them all even our enemies. Take care of my loved ones that are not at home to be with my parents. Bless my mother and father, they have endured so much with their six children and eight grandchildren. Father, watch over me while i attend college, take care of my fiance of nine years while he is working in the oilfield. Father, give me the strength to finish my goals and help others that have come to you with their prayers....amen!
kirtland nm usa

Asking prayer for the NYC rescue Mission with the weather turning colder more and more homeless people arriving at the door in desperate need of food and clothing, please pray for the Creators continued provision. May the Creator richly bless you all - brother Danny
Daniel Cahill  

I would like to request prayer for myself and my two kids. At times it has been difficult raising my kids by myself. My son (5 years old) has had a difficult time with school, even tho' he is young he still needs prayers. Keep us in your prayers. Many blessings to you for your prayers. M.Tushka
Mary A Tushka  
Cherokee NC USA

I want to request a prayer for my nephew that is fighting the WAR. Creator, please bless all the people that are in situations that they cannot help. Bless all of our children and the elderly. I know that there are a lot people in worse situations than we are, sometimes we must look at ourselves and be thankful for the sun rising, and for the night coming. That means a new day coming. Put your hand on those that are full of sadness because of death and sickness. Take care of our loved ones that are away from us right now and send them home safe.
Allison Renee Enriquez-Serrato  
Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA

Please pray for my husband who is ill with Parkinson’s and has had 2 cancer surgeries last year. Pray that the cancer does not return and that he gets healthier and has less stress. Also pray for my son who is going thru a divorce. Pray that he gets guidance, wisdom, and strength. Pray that he well be less stressed out and be able to keep his mind on
his job. Please pray that my family will have good health and peace of mind. Thank You and God Bless all - carol

I pray for the great spirit to give me understanding of the world, to help me reach enlightenment, to guide me through XEPER. I pray that the Great Spirit will look down on my new relationship with Samantha and will help to hold it together. I pray that the GS will help me through Marine Boot Camp and keep me motivated. I pray that the GS will be my guide and help Samantha and my loyalty to each other and help us get through the period of separation we will endure while we are in the military. For all this I thank Mother and Father Earth.
Rcrt. Brian Hill  
Oklahoma City OK USA

I pray for all those out there. I pray to the higher power that he watch over me and my family. My family from coast to coast and for those who are serving overseas. I pray that I do well in school, as I am a second year college student at the University of New Mexico. I pray for my parents and my brother. I pray that everything goes well for my family and that they get through all their hardships in life. Hozho Nahasdlii, Hozho Nahasdlii, Hozho Nahasdlii, Hozho Nahasdlii...
Albuquerque NM Beautiful, United States Of America

I offer a prayer for all those who have asked that each prayer would be answered exceedingly than all they could think or ask for the greatest good of all. -kim
kim simmons  
fountain valley CA USA

Hi, I am Ola B. Phillips and my brother Otis W. Benebfield passed away on tuesday Sept. 2ND. Please pray for his wife Carla Benefield and our family.
Ola B. Phillips  
Gulfport Ms USA

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